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  1. Think people are taking osijek lightly tbh. They are a dangerous team. They knocked out psv last season
  2. gkb10127

    Fixture Scheduling around the europa qualifiers

    It's the only way I think it can work to be honest if we are hopefully still in the europa by that point. But it leaves me in a bit of a predicament because I didn't factor in the impact the Europa games will have when I was sorting out work schedules
  3. How soon will the fixtures be moved? For example I'm assuming all the Saturday games will be moved to sundays? For example the st mirren game on the 11th will be moved to the 12th? How soon will we know the times on the Sundays? Just trying to juggle work shifts at the moment. Cheers for any help
  4. gkb10127


    Apologies. Could the mods/admins move this thanks?
  5. gkb10127


    Panama right back who just played against Belgium. Thought he was excellent and handled hazard amongst others very well. Very good and strong in the tackle and looked good technically too. Thoughts on this? Could someone like him be on our radar?
  6. gkb10127

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    Not happy with this at all. The only 2 loans I would like from Liverpool are solanke and harry wilson. Sunderland fans seem to have very negative opinions about him
  7. gkb10127

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    Oduwa was a pointless footballer. The kind of guy who should just do freestyle. He would do a wee trick and then pass it back
  8. gkb10127

    El Classico Tickets

    Sounds awesome!!
  9. gkb10127

    El Classico Tickets

    Perfect mate cheers!!
  10. gkb10127

    El Classico Tickets

    The game will probably be in early December if you follow the scheduling for the first el classico in the last 2 seasons. Sorry for my million qs but just to confirm the meet and greet, el classico ticket and stadium tour would all be included in the 400? That's an incredible price. I'll hopefully get in touch with you around August/september time then. Cheers mate!!
  11. gkb10127

    El Classico Tickets

    Wow that would be absolutely incredible. When would I need to be able to let you know by? Also when you say meet and greet with some of the squad....do you mean first team squad....not that I'm complaining either way. We were thinking of just doing a weekend thing where we arrive on the saturday morning and leave on the Monday morning. Would that schedule need to be changed for the meet and greet/stadium tour?
  12. gkb10127

    El Classico Tickets

    Would the 400 for the VIP meet and greet include the actual ticket for Barca vs Real Madrid game? That seems like an amazing price
  13. gkb10127

    El Classico Tickets

    Ooft not thought that far ahead but the main stand would be perfect. As close to the middle of the pitch and as close to halfway up as possible lol.
  14. gkb10127

    El Classico Tickets

    How much?
  15. Planning a trip to Barcelona around winter time this year and a friend suggested that the next el classico is likely to be November/December time at the nou camp. Anyone ever got tickets for this? What's the best way to go about getting tickets? How much will they roughly cost? Etc Etc Any suggestions will be appreciated