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  1. I wouldn't touch the main stand though. It should always be a stand alone, it's one of if not the most iconic stand in World football. Fill in the Jardine corners and that should be enough capacity wise.
  2. I only mean to copy how the roof is supported in the corners though not to copy the whole design.
  3. We only need to do it in 2 corners, would still be exspensive but can be done.
  4. Until Rangers gets of it's arse and employs a proper PR strategy the attacks will continue and increase. The board are only interested when it's one of them that's targeted. Are Rangers blind to the fact the press and the snp are setting them up as the target for point deductions and stand closures?
  5. I'm no expert but we keep hearing how the corners at the screens can't be done due to the steelwork holding up the 3 roofs yet Dortmund where able to get round that issue at their stadium so surely when the finance is available we could do the same thing?
  6. It's almost as if no one at the club thinks we can beat them.
  7. Unsure if you're showing the calibre of your debating skills or you have tourettes, either way I stand by my entitled to opinion.
  8. Not a fan of an Orange top as it's not club colours but I have to admit it does look good. All 3 are winner's. Plus the plastics are beeling
  9. Getting used to clutching at straws. The heart has been sucked out of our club. Started with Murray's spending and dignified silence and there's no end in sight. Barring a collapse by them they'll get 55 before us.
  10. Never happening. Politicians are protecting them and their church.
  11. As much as we shouldn't of been in the position we where we had such a chance to rebuild since 2012. No, not us, millions wasted on dross, journeymen and players with no winning mentality and a board with no idea how to raise money and no-one willing to remove them.
  12. One thing we know is they would get stuck in ?
  13. Aye, probably John Brown or the fella that cuts the grass.
  14. Was never a fan of the way the Italians hound their players and boardroom staff when they've had enough but it's looking more and more like something that's needed at Rangers. Only heart and spirit is in the stands. Board know season tickets need sold to keep the club going so will come out with some pish statement.
  15. Did I say I was a Tory? As for Labour, this the same Labour party that has done nothing for the Govan area yet has spent millions around their stadium of choice. The Commonwealth games should of benefited the whole of Glasgow but only benefited a club that doesn't even see itself as Scottish. A Labour party run by ira, plo and anything anti British figures. Truth is British politics is very poor at the moment.
  16. Actions like that haven't stopped. Sinn Fein are still causing trouble on the streets because a peaceful Northern Ireland is bad for business.
  17. We don't promote our Ulster connections enough. The club steers clear of it because it's scared of taking on the bigots at Parkhead and Holyrood.
  18. Same here. Not interested in any other club and certainly won't be supporting a club just for the sake of it. Scottish football is lucky Rangers did come through 2012 because it would be part time and no different to the Irish league by now.
  19. Agree with most of this. As a support we have to box smart. We should never hide from supporting the UK or our traditions as a club and a community but certain chants or songs just aren't needed. Would help if the Club actually stood up for the support but it almost always hangs us out to dry. It even allows our opponents to dictate what we do rather than saying for example 'Rangers actively encourages the atmosphere and songs generated by our support' Rangers have never claimed to be a religious organisation or a fundraiser for only one section of the population, that bigotry only comes from one side of the city yet the Club sits back and let's its name get dragged through the mud time and time again. No it shouldn't respond to every bad word said but constantly saying nothing leads to mud sticking and in a country currently full of Nationalist/Republican politicians and journalists we have to fight our own battles.
  20. I'll see your 1-1 and raise you 1-2 with Alves going off injured or announcing an injury to get out of the match on Saturday.
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