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    So you dont have a season ticket, have no interest of going to away games and you might, just might think about purchasing RTV . Lifeblood of the club mate. We need more like you and your £50 against me and the approx £2k ive fired into following us this season, who thinks the club have got this massively wrong. Your post just concretes my view that the club can get fucked with mygers.
  2. Save me all the club bullshit about the most loyal supporters etc in their press releases and blurbs then. We should have been honest this season in the renewal press campaign instead of "GOING FOR 55" we should just have put out "RENEW YOUR SEAT OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL GET IT "
  3. Im the same jinty, i go with my 9 year old and it actually drives home that its not just football, its time we actually get to spend together, just us two. I miss the games as everyone does and i love the club and what we stand for but i just feel the club have massively misjudged this. People are struggling to put food on the table and the club is forcing you to make a choice. As i said at the time, there should be a scheme where to reserve your seat you pay say £150 "deposit" and if the season goes ahead you can pay the remainder on announcement of the league programme. Couple this with the mygers nonsense and its hard not to see it as the club milking the fans. We are continually lionised by the club for having the most loyal support that travel the globe to watch us but it appears like hollow words when you see how they have acted over the last 4 weeks. I will renew (at this point, but that'll change multiple times before 30 june) but im disappointed more than anything that someone with spare cash for your RTV's/club shop etc will be thought of more than a long standing season book holder. I just dont think the club needed to act like this especially at this time
  4. Go back to the mid 90s and just from memory it was a kinda fallow period for top drawer managers, especially in the UK. Other than Ferguson, whos man united had started to dominate and wenger who had really just pulled up at arsenal who would you really want that could be better than Smith? Mike walker? brian little? Although we under performed in europe and it may be with rose tinted specs but the 90s were a sensational period of success for us when we look back
  5. Many we waiting on kicking the bucket now? 5 ?
  6. It'll take probs 3 to 4 weeks to get "match fit"
  7. "This has informed some of our thinking when we’ve elevated Bar 72 to Club 72. Some of the supporters I’ve spoken to have actually said “We quite like the informal nature, we just go in, we get a beer, we’ve got fantastic seats”, because the Bar 72 seats are some of the best in the stadium. So we’ve thought to ourselves, as we evolve,elevate and enhance that experience, hopefully what we’ll be able to do within Project 2022 is offer a more relaxed, casualexperience, that justifies that full spectrum of hospitality choice" Aka gies the good seats back so we can charge double forwhat is an already over-inflated product
  8. Minus my £250 im getting back for not getting the final games
  9. Said this last week. Every seat should be the price of a kids ticket (£160ish) to hold the seat for existing season book holders until we find out what the deal is for attending games. Still to renew my 2. Think the club are taking the pish in all honesty.
  10. If the naming rights to league are £1.5m could we no crowdfund for £2m and make a bid for league sponsorship ;) "And we are hearing theres a goal Kammy in the BACKWARD SHITEHOLE PREMIER LEAGUE, but who for???"
  11. Where do you start with this one? Right from the top.... The club dont have to say they will be struggling for cash flow, they can word it in such a way you are helping to try and end celtics spell at the top by not accepting the refund. Although kids dont really think santa and the tooth fairy exists it helps them make sense of a difficult situation, just like this situation is for an adult. I would say im about £250 out for the missing games and thats cool if the £250 is going towards stopping the unwashed, not cool if its just accepted im not going to ask for it back and it just disappears and we will never speak of this again. The people in charge of the club are there to make sure the cash flow and books are balanced and plan for any uncertanties, not just take it as read people are going to fire money blindly at them. There are staff who have been furloughed at the goverments expense and the team (who lets face it seem to struggle to pick up points but not wages, if they could pass a ball as well as they can pass the buck they would be out of sight in the league) have agreed to offset wages for 3 months, add in the european money and can you really tell me we are that skint at the moment???? We were mugged ticket price wise during the europa campaign compared to the unwashed acrosss the city and had full houses for the games . The £25 voucher is a farce, couple it with the my gers scheme and some people have thought, auch well i'll use it to offset the price of a scheme I USED TO GET FOR FREE. In reality, No, you have to wait for the season to be cancelled before the club credits you with this. I understand the scheme has been in the background for a while but why release it in the middle of an unprecidented time in human history?????? Its not as if the club HAD to do it at this time, it could have been mothballed and bearing in mind, last week would have been the likely paydate for any one on monthly pay and the first since the COVID-19 situation arose. People are not just cows to be milked, the club could have shown some compassion and said we realise its a tough time and with no timescale for actually finishing the existing season never mind starting the next one this is the plan, no, they steamrollered on and to be frank i think its only that people have a lot more shit going on in their general day-to-day that this isnt up their with Ratners as a PR disaster. To address the commercial department and their take on matchday hospitality you doubt many of the people who use it wont be bothered if it goes up £40 or not, thats because the games are usually secondary to the jolly that is hospitality. Half of them will be at us one week and snake mountain the next. To summarise, I think the whole situation has been handled poorly and the club have blundered on regardless whothout taking the time or consideration to think about the people that matter the most in this. The fans
  12. £25 is a derisory sum, never mind that £25 is only available if the league programme is cancelled. I have no problem with the club issuing a "call to arms" if you like stating refunds would be available but it would severly hamper the money available to overhaul the squad and mount a serious challenge to celtic next season. I would hazard a guess maybe 90% of supporters would be happy to see the money stay with the club (myself included), but to come out and make a derisory offer of a £25 voucher you can use in one of 4 ways and then throw the mygers scheme on top of that absolutely smacks of desperation and money grabbing. And to pull you up in the highlighted piece of your comment , its not better than nothing, all its done is stir up shite with the supporters who follow near and far at great expense and to be fair are treated shabbily by the club most of the time. The commercial departments big plan seems to be to milk the existing supporters till they are dry and bump prices up for the hospitality customers. If we put the same lackluster performances out this season your fat cats will all fuck pff and all you have done is given the rank and file fans the hump.
  13. The neck looks like the nike template for this years 1990s remakes of spurs/psg
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