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  1. Mate, hagi couldnt hack it at Real Madrid but excelled at Brescia in Serie B at the time. Just because a player doesnt suit/settle in a country doesnt make him a bad player, just a bad fit
  2. Gascoigne8


    I love you more than neil lennon loves brushing his teeth but less than jan brobergs da loves gammys
  3. Gascoigne8


    Havant and waterlooville
  4. Mate, as much as i loved him i think he was done in his last season for us. We waited far too long for him to get back to form/fitness and just as he was coming good he was punted. Should have got rid 6month earlier IMO (thats now with hindsight)
  5. Gascoigne8


    There only two of us but we make a bit of noise lol. I agree wae the cunt that doesnae like you, whatever his point was 😀
  6. Gascoigne8


    As in.... "you make me contemplate suicide" lol 'Mon the GF3 brigade
  7. In the film shallow grave, one of our early champions league games in on in the background
  8. @Rfc52 Quite surprised at this, i thought celtic were southamptons feeder club
  9. Got a parent and child. This season had Livingston St Mirren Killie Now hearts
  10. I was at last years event and anything must be better than getting pumped at the san giro then an awards doo.
  11. 2 places stick out in my mind: Magaluf when we played shelbourne in one of advocaats first games. Sure we won 5-2 and only recently i realised it was PAT FENLON who scored. A cunt walked by when i was blootered and asked who scored and i said "a fenian'" and he went loco. Me being blootered and thinking anybody normal would be a bear found this hysterical, so hystrical the cunt went and got a couple of mates who wanted a square go.......my mates obliged..... 2nd - torrance golf course , helicopter sunday. Couldnae watch they cunts pick up the trophy and just as i tee'd off a wee boy ran in front of the box and shouted " we've done it" i told him to fuck off and continued shouting as my mate went in the clubhouse and said motherwell has won. Went in and watched the goals/celebrations Tremendous
  12. Totally get it mate but to me we need him back in the fold. Hes a young guy who probably is at war wae the world in his heid the now and doesnt make great decisions so we have to accept its a failing in his game if hes going to be here for a while.
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