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  1. Alfredo, being the focal point of the team, has carried us the past two seasons. If he wants out thats sound by me, the only issue i see is that it shows gerrards man management and tactical skills up for what they are. This is the third pre season we skelp teams and when it comes to the business of the day job he reverts to type. I cannae believe barker came in from the cold in germany and the team looked like it did at the tail end of last season, sluggish and devoid of answers. Maybe morelos sees something we dont and want away
  2. Thats a nope from me, mcgregor is the only logical choice as he will start nearly every game and the only outfielder that applies to is goldson who would be as honking as tav
  3. It worked yesterday but alfredo dropping deep will be sussed out by next week
  4. Forget balogun, what the fuck was helander doing warming up before edmundson. Could be a long season ahead
  5. I said aye and naw. Still contracted so should play but if the club are serious about punting him they will have seen what happened to cosgrove from aberdeen yesterday
  6. Mention myGers when you phone up and you get 瞿2.75 off a remould
  7. It continues until you have been booked in to get your chip fitted in your heid. Then they dont care about you anymore
  8. Gascoigne8


    I was just thinking about this one
  9. Gascoigne8


    Be some fuckin wait then
  10. Gascoigne8


    So after all the comments about how great a scheme it is and how people shouldnt ask for a refund on last seasons tickets you still havent put your hand in your pocket and bought a season book? 不不不不不
  11. Stick me down for the last 3 if they are still available @Zetland. Is it still the same paypal details as the fund? Edit: money sent
  12. Gascoigne8


    Going by this i would have 1400points.
  13. Really its no the money. Its the fact the club keep coming to the well with, lets be honest, fuck all on their side. I have a season book along with my 9yr old and if they had a training day or something with some first teamers ill be the first to sign up but no. Its give us yer money for literally fuck all in return. Plus if you had seen my coupon the only thing the photo would be good for is to keep the weans away from the fire :)
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