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  1. Again to sum up. 1.Boy made claim of abuse of a sexual nature 2.Manager interviews boy and parents 3.Manager confronts the accused with the facts he has been presented with and in conversation with the accused he believes the victims account and takes action 4. Manager takes what he sees as appropriate action by sacking the accused on the spot. 5.Officials at the club are said to report the accused to the police and there is no reason to question this 6.the police state that due to the period of time passed the can NEITHER CONFIRM OR DENY a report was made as the records were most probably lost at some point. Still cant see what HR department in the land would have a problem with any of these actions in a company now never mind 30 year ago
  2. As far as i can make out, the boy was assualted by a prick with previous (not reported by his previous employers) and when the manager was alerted he done the right thing by both the boy and the club by sacking the culprit mentioned. Kinda cut and dried in my opinion .
  3. Its saying "normal" post on mine. Whats the score there mate?
  4. They are good houses and ive know a few good guys from govanhill but the majority have left and the scum have replaced them. Nice to see there are still decent folk in the area
  5. If not it wont be long before they "qualify"
  6. Fair play mate, im from just up the road from you and Govanhill if your honest was always a bit "edgy" but now its a fuckin tip. Fair play to anyone who can hack it staying amongst they tramps l.
  7. If no one shops they guys in the pics then the polis wont have a clue, surely no grassing folk up (for something as petty as this)is a basic requirement in an ordinary person. If anyone i knew shopped a boy for this im sure uthere would be a conversation to be had
  8. So would stupid be a better word than shite??? What about....... inept Rotten Baws
  9. Can we just agree goldson and tav are pish and we can move on?
  10. Our support is full of fucking tarts
  11. He was going to be a "superscout" for us and literally weeks later to the job with celtic.
  12. Technically they were "solvent" up to Monday morning so had to keep trading
  13. Could be katic is just vocal about not being played. Gerrard has spent half decent money on goldson and helander and they two look certain starters but for me its katic and edmundson all day tbh
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