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  1. Never rated him tbh and he was shite today but there were 10 on the park for the last 30 mins that disgraced themselves
  2. I think the fact they played 5-4-1 and for most of the game they had 9 men behind the ball limits even the best of teams. In a perfect world i want to win 5-0 everyweek but Gerrard has brought a pragmatisim to the team that seems to be prevelent in england just now which is a win (however impressive or just scraping it) is still a win. Being honest i said if he could turn the draws into wins this season we are in with a shout of the title and thats the way its looking.
  3. Sorry boys and girls but this is what its gonnae take to win the league this year. We will need to grind it out over the next few weeks and months and to be fair ill take that turgid shite just to stop the tarriers
  4. I sit at the back of GF3, your no that cunt wae a heid the size of a telly that comes up on 85 mins and stands at the exit blocking every cunts view πŸ™‚
  5. We can tell stevie clark that ryan jack is injured and play that week. Its no as if hes gonnae get a game wae the harlem bogtrotters anyway πŸ™‚
  6. One of the major issues at play here is that not one referee is wanting to make a call that derails their 9 in a row bid. You've seen the stramash we had before and the time the refs boycotted. We have landed a major blow on them today, the next one has to be a mortal one
  7. Probs up for 8am. Continue to wind myself up, feel sick until 11.59 and then its game fuckin on
  8. 33.333333 but hey lets make it simple. They are aw cunts
  9. I personally know 3 polis. 2 are absolute cunts and one is sound as , so ill give you that 33% of them are ok
  10. Thats the same as me mate 😁
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