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    Every chance lee would get lost and be badly out of position over by the carwash
  2. I see where inigo is coming from tbh. From my perspective i think we as supporters and most of all, the players have fallen into this idea the old firm rivalry is diluted a bit due to our issues over the last few years as we couldnt really match their spending power or their squad but as the shettleston harriers get more itchy about 10 (and the real possibility lennon or best case scenario for us, moyes gets the job)then this is going to happen, so far we have seen players verbally abused at supermarkets, supporters nights attacked, ex player verbally abused at an airport, celtic supporters stabbing each other and then we are apportioned the blame and now with saturdays open top bus parade should they turn over hearts. We view them as an obsessive joke support but in reality if the power appears to slipping away from them, they are looking to goad us into a reaction.
  3. This goes right to the top of the catholic religion in scotland. It also brings in to question the police, charities, the catholic church and of course seperate entity fc. I actually believe its that high profile it will be all made to go away again. I'll go as far as to say there will never be a full enquirey with definite findings. It'll all be a fudge as per. Kevin kelly is the link between the football and church goings on amd michael kelly is the political side including the police. Its all documented and out in the public domain
  4. Theres times his final ball is poor. No taking away from his performance today, again, a measured defensive performance
  5. Tav at times is his own worst enemy. Beats 3 guys and sticks the cross straight out of play. He played a more defensive role today, the back 4 kept their shape at all times and he was helped out by the midfield 3. He played exceptionally well today and deserved his goal but we have to remember that,although an old firm is never a gimmie, the league for them was wrapped up. We played well but that needs to be tavs performance every week
  6. 6 away 5 left. Thats over the tipping point now
  7. Guard if honour?? Wouldnae give them the steam off ma piss
  8. Maybe a more fitting tribute today would be us all turning our phones off for 60 seconds
  9. Im just back from the future, Dont accept a £1 from a motherwell billionaire, it doesnt end well. And a guy called haris vuckic is not the answer
  10. Your right, in your opinion. My opinion is morelos , although a level above the rest of the team, is not a team player. I really like him but for me if hes in the mood he scores, if hes not then hes rolling about, throwing himself to the floor, taking chances when its impossible but a square ball could have played someone else in or worst case scenario, a red card leaving us down to 10. The original question was "are we a better TEAM with defoe" and the answer as much as i rate morelos has to be yes
  11. Defoe plays for the team and alfredo plays for himself. 100% not a criticisim more an observation. Morelos is our best player by miles but on an off day the team doesnt function with him in it
  12. 8 stars = 8 original teams Rangers Marseillie CSKA Brugges AC milan IFK gothenborg Porto PSV
  13. Mate, hagi couldnt hack it at Real Madrid but excelled at Brescia in Serie B at the time. Just because a player doesnt suit/settle in a country doesnt make him a bad player, just a bad fit
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