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  1. There was a point in the off season i couldnt wait for the season to start so we had real stuff to talk about. Fuckin blew that theory out the window with this thread
  2. Gascoigne8


    Anyone else see the pigeon being chased by the seagull and it crashed right into a hibs supporter😅😅😅
  3. Can the first people over at the stadium post if they have any issues with cards scanning, just to give folk the heads up
  4. I gave up at the bit " when it turns green"
  5. Might as well just chuck it then
  6. Is it just me or is morelos well off the pace?
  7. You have your opinion and i have mine, its just that mine is 100% correct. The guys a grade A weapon
  8. The season is shaping up to be 4-3-3 high press, playing out from the back at home and 4-5-1 dropping deep when we are away
  9. *insert gif of shifty eyed dug
  10. Should have a flute band on at halftime
  11. The 10 game point is the marker for me this season. If we can turn the draw to wins we'll be there or thereabouts at the end of the season
  12. Roses are red Violets are blue Two weans in a motor Im charlie mulgrew
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