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  1. How many does it hold mate
  2. £21 bangers right out of the bank account yesterday
  3. Collum the rat fuck
  4. how about a curry shop or an offies
  5. I know a boy fae Edinburgh, he's a hearts supporter and his Mrs goes about with the thumbs Mrs and he was saying that he was that skint he was having to tap his burd for £50 for a taxi and shit. He wouldn't elaborate any more than that, but if it was just plain old depression he would have told me, which makes me think it is as you say drugs and bookmakers,
  6. Spot on mate. To think we have witnessed that fuck pig mediocre cunt lording it over us is fuckin embarrassing as fuck.
  7. Persistent fouling is a pet hate for me, if you listen to the fuck wits on the radio, ie the pundits they'll say you can't blame the refs for us dropping points because they're no booking player's of the opposition. The referee's are fu kin gash and they need to go back to school on the law's of the game. If you look at the sheep game, the cup replay how many fouls did mckenna, ferguson, and concidine have in the game I counted at least 3 or 4 fouls each before they got a yellow card, so how many fouls did they commit for the rest of the game. The sheep got 8 yellow cards in that game so how many fouls did they have collectively. My point is that if these fouls are punished they have less players on the park than us and it can alter the game in favour of us.
  8. Wouldn't put it past any of these cunts tbh
  9. Surely tae fuck the only cunts that can report it is the cunts your playing ffs
  10. Brilliant story from David Edgar, said it won’t be on the podcast as Stewart Robertson told him it’s not to go out. But basically when shagger was up in front of the compliance officer for the kick out at Ferguson at Pittodrie. It was shagger who asked the compliance office who had reported the incident and she wouldn’t tell him. He then asked her who was allowed to complain and that’s when it came out that anyone could complain. So Shagger asked her for her e-mail address. Then the next live celtic game on telly, shagger sat watching it and e-mailing her every two mins about every incident. She had to phone Stuart Maxwell(SFA CEO) and get him to phone Stewart Robertson to get him to phone shagger and tell him to stop. 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
  11. We have all the possession in the game but fail to score enough goals to win these games. As for Alfredo he's got to drop him and see what others can do ie defoe and Davis, they two have played Premiership fitba it's time they two get played and gettin the finger oot
  12. How many bad decisions do you think there was in these games. I mean like sending offs . Penalty decisions offsides
  13. correct mate.when you look at the players we have and look through the squad the playing time some of them have had is incredible connor goldson brighton played 32 times in four seasons. connor goldson Rangers played over 36 times so far in 1st season.im sure there will be more in the squad that haven't had as many games. but fuckin frustrated as fuck about how many chances we have blown, as for alfredo good goal scorer and a pain in the arse for opposition defenders but no good sitting in the stands for important games. work in progress.yes hopefully next season will be better consistently better
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