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  1. spot on mate couldn't give a fuck about the money
  2. My memory isn't what it used to be these day's, can't remember what I had for my dinner last night 😭
  3. Copying bastards they must have got it fae the St midden fans😂
  4. Sean dyche for me doing a brilliant job with Burnley
  5. bluebovril


    Who are you the spelling police ya banger
  6. bluebovril


    I remember that guy in the East enclosure, with the rolls in chopped pork
  7. bluebovril


    Who in their right mind would wear hiking boots and polished brogues
  8. bluebovril


    The only trainers I ware is adidas Fuckin gutted they peado bastards have got them
  9. We need guys who run Rangers with bigger balls and ban them from ibrox. Simples
  10. So is your name sake. The wee prick.
  11. That's exactly what I said to my son last night. Would never have got it.
  12. bluebovril


    I support this whole heartedly I will never go to a Scotland game again for as long as I live
  13. bluebovril


    Spot on with the 433 mate you have to have the players to carry out that formation
  14. Could a share holder from old Co take it on
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