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  1. Fuckin right mate, these cunts are trained accountants and there £50million out no fuckin way was this a mistake
  2. Porto have been in the champions league 7 out of the last 9 seasons, how are they not a champions league team.
  3. The result we got last night was superb and you are spot on, also we where playing a champions league team
  4. How many supporters did we have there tonight mate, looks like we took all of the stadium
  5. Gerrard got it wrong today simple as ,against a mediocre team I may add he changed tactics and the personnel,the last time we beat they cunts we where all over them today however fuckin nowt,for us if we have any ambitions of wining the league we have to do better than ojo,aribo
  6. Stop singing naughty songs then ffs. These cunts are out to get us in a big way We as a support have to wisen up and stop handicapping our club. The board have to investigate fare and see if we are being targeted more than other clubs in other countries
  7. We need transparency from uefa and more importantly they fuckers at fare
  8. It'll be fare, that are that are sticking it to us in Europe, we'll be good boys the morra, and give it large on Sunday
  9. How many does it hold mate
  10. £21 bangers right out of the bank account yesterday
  11. Collum the rat fuck
  12. how about a curry shop or an offies
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