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  1. As much as it's a major win I thought we were poor in a lot of areas tonight not helped by piss poor passing in tight situations leading to counter attacks . Just as it was looking like even Stevens up pops Roofe just glad we got over the line but for me some serious changes needed in midfield going into Sundays game .
  2. Awrite Then Wallaby ! 😉😊
  3. Out of those two league titles Im still undecided which one was Astonishing or Brilliant or were they both Astonishingly Brilliant . Faddar Mertin its over to you !
  4. If Thomson had been a fly on the wall at Glasgow Airport in 2016 when Skippy was asked about that day by my pals son. Upshot Skippys explaining that was his job etc. then to be told I'm grinning from ear to ear because my team won the league that day actually brought a wry smile to his face. Suck it up Thomson ya Bitter little Bastard
  5. Great three points alllied with three superb finishes. At 1-2 for a long time we were lost, again AMcG brilliant shot stopping saves the game when we were not creating much of any note . Subs at the right time made a difference definitely need a few changes for starters come Wednesday benching Kent might not be a bad shout imo still not enough directness coming in from the wing for me to justify a slot .
  6. He played well tonight he uses his physique to his advantage but just sometimes a wee skinny runt gets one over him . He really should be letting them bounce off him just by being static then they'd think twice .😁
  7. Did well on the double save kept us in it . It was noticeable from the Touchline the indication to punt it rather than passing it out from goal was acknowledged by AMcG on more than a few occasions . Yet AmcG was previously very vocal toward his CH's when it went Pete tong from playing it out from goalkeeper to defender when possession was lost by defenders or close calls in being closed down . Nice one Gio something your previous incumbent did nothing about albeit AmcG also became less vocal as well on that score .
  8. Really pleased for him his goals were bang on the money . The link up play tonight from him was outstanding in the through balls he played by his hold up play using his body to shield the ball and made quite a few telling passes after some great close control nobody was getting that ball of him . That's more like the Alfredo we know now you can guarantee the roughouse treatment will be back in full swing in the league as not one of those cunts could handle him in those situations as he turned them or Bullied them they resorted to the dirty tactics it definitely affected his game as officials sought to penalise him as those bastards hit the deck like that bastard Considine .
  9. Superb result still a bit flat at times tonight albeit it should have been a mauling given the missed chances that would have ensured a more comfortable lead when we needed it. A good team performance tonight and the support got behind them at times Aribo and Kent were trying too hard rather than the simple ball in passing or burying it hopefully Gio sees that in what he's outlined in terms of passing more quickly . Roll on Sunday.
  10. If UEFA did letter opening ceremonies The Ambulance chasers would be given an honourary seat this reeks of sycophantic nonsense If that organisation was more Pro active on actually doing something about the two occasions involving GK we wouldn't need this sideshow bullshit or stage managed empathetic ramblings from that cunt Brown given his fucking boorish attitude toward our club, players and supporters .
  11. Predictable side to side and backwards play alongside kamikaze passing and defending cost us those goals today imo. Put us on the backfoot right away despite all that possession they sit in and we are rubbish middle to front for the most part. It really is time to bin that system and demand a better way of thinking that involves the players being more mobile in their passing and movement on and off the ball when we are in possession. It's so stale in its predictably it's no wonder we ship so many early goals. Scunnered at that display today big changes in attitude needed for Thursday night.
  12. The only fitting place for those basket cases to hold their AGM is Lennox Castle . The Irony of a mentalist entity operating out of a former State Mental Hospital it's definitely their home from home .😏
  13. Glad it's Gio coming in hoping he's got a good game plan to get us going if it's Makaay then that's some but of business by Rangers.
  14. Superb performance & result well deserved
  15. Well the reported telemetry said different in their conclusion ! However you interpret it, one thing is clear Hamilton has a knack of putting his front end in the danger zone of the outside line where the execution of the corner and defence of the next makes it difficult for an opponent and squeals like a brat when it causes the near miss or inevitable coming together of which he has previous . Hence why his whingeing a few weeks ago of not giving an inch in similar future situations was a marker he set without recognising he could be the instigator by his very actions that applies to all drivers like Verstappen weaving all over the track in an attempt to defend a corner he was a good bit short of as Hamilton bombed up to his car he certainly was losing out there in the speed stakes and would have lead to the pass easily at that point by Hamilton .
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