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  1. I'm well aware of it 😁😉 but outwith a one day a month morning assembly that was about as much input as The Kirk got into Non Dom Schooling especially in Primary Education. Whereas the Roman Church see it as a given they should be pandered to when the numbers clearly don't stack up even if they did they'd never be minded to put their hands in their pocket to pay for their separatist education. At least The KJ version gives those of the majority persuasion in Scotland at least to have a better understanding of others & life in general be they Atheist or Believer.
  2. Where's ILL Phil The plastic Bogtrotter his take would've been nice. 😉
  3. Folks should bear in mind that is exactly how they use their leverage by getting access to schools insisting on confirmations for those kids etc etc the blind parents duly oblige even though it's almost a given the majority of them don't even attend a weekly service. The papist church has unfettered access to children purely down to the indoctrination techniques the parents fell unquestioningly into themselves. That rancid club perpetuate the papist ideology to this day made exclusively on a lie to repeat the lies. The Trojan Horse .
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