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  1. Enjoyed the game today the passing & running off the ball especially at the goals was superb .
  2. Well deserved given the start overall Livingston apart it should bolster the team as a whole .
  3. Can't get much lower than a bunch of reprobates still it's what they've become.
  4. We should be thanking the referees given the pathetic input in both games. The basics just aren't there be it defending or attack despite a reasonably good spell tonight they couldn't exert any influence much like the Israeli game . I don't even rate them as penalties in both games, the usual suspects hit the deck even tonight a lot of the refereeing was diabolical. There is some talent in the international set up but so far the players aren't even demonstrating the basics in passing or crossing that opens defences up.
  5. A good result but it should have been more our second half was chronic quite a few times slack play allowed Hamilton a run in on our goal Goldson a few times today didn't command the high ball or the man just as he looked to have the ball & man covered his opponent got in front of him as the ball came down which left him two yards off the pace as his man won possession from the bounce then the move in on goal . That clean sheet wont last long with that type of defending ditto a lot of passes today in the second half two goals to the good or not .
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