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  1. A game at stenhousemuir being postponed because a chip van blew onto the pitch. Hibs not being happy with an allocation and selling us half the stand with the other half then sitting empty.
  2. If Rossiter can keep fit, then he could be a class act for us this season. Niko has always looked technically great to me though will probably struggle to keep up with the pace of some of the tougher games. Jack looks like he is going to be the defensive midfielder we have been looking for.
  3. This is one that excites me, seems very highly rated, hopefully hits the ground running.
  4. This is one I really want to get over the line ASAP. Very highly rated in Portugal and I feel he would realise his full potential playing alongside someone as experienced as Alves.
  5. Ryan Jack, he's one of our own 🇬🇧
  6. I will wait and see who else he brings in before I change any belief I have towards Pedro. One signing, despite it being an impressive one, doesn't make a transfer window.
  7. A good way to start the signings, hopefully more of this calibre to follow.
  8. I've got a good feeling about this one, if it happens that is. Seems like a player with enough experience playing down south to be a huge step up from what is already in our midfield. He also knows what it means to be apart of our club and the expectations that come with it.
  9. Unfortunate to see the big guy go, will always remember for that equaliser against them, one of very few high points of this season.
  10. Thanks to southdown1916 who met me today to sell me a ticket for Partick away. Absolutely no hassle.
  11. Haven trust managed to get a ticket for this for either game this season or the two when we were in the championship. Hopefully this will be make it easier to get a ticket for next season.
  12. I got St Johnstone, haven't been there since Jelavic scored twice and we won 2-1. Will hopefully pick one up for Partick.
  13. RIP big man
  14. Get well soon big man, that goal will last forever in the memories of thousands, including his own.
  15. I fancy my first away European trip this summer, so I hope it's somewhere easy to get to where I won't get murdered walking back from the game.