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  1. I believe that the UB do the best they can to create an atmosphere at Ibrox but as afore mentioned it is the people who would rather the place was a library that are the real reason the atmosphere is dead.
  2. For me it all comes down to the game up in Aberdeen, if we win then it is easily doable if they win we are looking at finishing 3rd
  3. Each and every one of us keeps Scottish football alive. Runs on the blue pound.
  4. This team destroys my happiness every time they play. I have lost all hope. But no matter what I, like many others, will follow on.
  5. Not many fans could/have gone through what we have. The fact that the past 5 years have improved is very little is very worrying.
  6. Today was one of the worst performances I have seen when being at the game. If only the players showed as much hunger and desire as the supporters. But then again, what were you expecting when you buy players from the likes of Wigan and Accrington you aren't going to win the league.
  7. The 2009 league cup final, finished 2-0 to them after extra time. First final as well, never felt worse
  8. Amdy Faye
  9. I have seen some real shite supporting Rangers. But tonight was the lowest of the low. Simply unacceptable
  10. Emilson Cribari
  11. Just win for the sake of pushing McGhee over the edge
  12. Met southdown1916 today and recieved my ticket for Motherwell, great guy👍
  13. Neither one of the chuckle brothers is worth 2 million
  14. Got Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, that along with Dundee, Kilmarnock, Celtic and Motherwell in 2 weeks is quite underwhelming compared to previous seasons
  15. Got one for this, first since the scum for me