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  1. Couldn't see any other outcome to this, shocking refereeing on Saturday
  2. And, 2- Valur and Kr Reykjavik
  3. 15- arnar gretarsson
  4. Really hoping for a decent allocation here, wouldn't surprise me if the police only allow us to be given the likes of 10k though.
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw a few wearing the orange goalie kit on Sunday there. Could've just been cheap rip-offs though.
  6. Probably be the same team that played against Sheffield Wednesday, except maybe Tavernier coming in for Hodson. 3-1 Candeias, Dorrans and Herrera scoring.
  7. Iheanacho to Leicester for £25 million. 20 years old and great talent, Man City will regret this in the future in my opinion.
  8. Vile, truly vile. These scum truly think they can do what ever they please and that is all down to the fact nobody in Scotland challenges them. After the weekend they've just endured, hopefully it is all about to change.
  9. Scotlands real shame.
  10. Falkirk at in 2008/09, was in the cowshed they put up along the side of the pitch.
  11. If we became more clinical, we may finally amount to something.
  12. Good start for me, can only get worse from here. It's a shit system that in my opinion needs completely remodelled.
  13. Dorrans is the one I was most looking forward to signing, he brings a wealth of experience from the premier league and knows exactly what this club is about. Wish him the best of luck for however long his spell with us lasts.
  14. A game at stenhousemuir being postponed because a chip van blew onto the pitch. Hibs not being happy with an allocation and selling us half the stand with the other half then sitting empty.
  15. If Rossiter can keep fit, then he could be a class act for us this season. Niko has always looked technically great to me though will probably struggle to keep up with the pace of some of the tougher games. Jack looks like he is going to be the defensive midfielder we have been looking for.