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  1. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I never at any point called it petty or hypocritical, all I stated was the fact that it was going to be harder to get to as many away games as some please. I believe it is the wrong decision and if you disagree I respect that.
  2. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Hearts cut our allocation due to an increase in season ticket sales, if we had played at Tynecastle last year we would have got the whole stand just like the beggars due to their new stand being finished. Hibs cut our allocation before because we cut theirs.
  3. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I’m not sure how to feel about this. Yes, I’m delighted that the board have stopped lying down and giving the filth whatever they want. However, I feel that this also directly affects the supporters, like myself, who go to away games who will now not get the opportunity to do so as much as certain teams will aim to give us the smallest allocation that is possible.
  4. I'll just leave this here !


    In an exam today until 3:30. Luckily the bus is at 3:40 and is 5 minutes away from the school. A win is all I ask for.
  6. The Union bears

    Yet again I agree fully with you. The fans need to find their voice again, and the union bears is that voice imo.
  7. The Union bears

    100%, they are treated like a problem at times. You’d honestly think the club wants rid of them by the way they act regarding them.
  8. The Union bears

    Strangest game I’ve been at for a long time. They bring the noise to ibrox and without them it would be eerily quiet. The club needs them, too many are quick to rubbish them and their ideas though.
  9. The Union bears

    A fans group with only the club in their interests. Far too many get on their backs for the smallest things, it’s time we got behind them and backed them in all they do.
  10. Aberdeen emails

    Not a chance mate.
  11. Aberdeen emails

    Got them, to say I’m pleased is an understatement.
  12. Mcrorie myth

    The largest problem we have with him is we have nobody else capable in my opinion to play at centre half other than him. Until we have two centre half’s at a level which is expected of a Rangers player, he will be playing there. When we do though, he has to be played in CDM as that is his best position.
  13. A Decade without the Scottish Cup

    I’m 16 next month, and vaguely remember the last time we won it as I was at the game. Since then I have been robbed of footballing memories which in my opinion would have been made if it weren’t for the utter shite we have been through. Just remember though that we must go through the bad to go through the good, and with the shite we’ve went through the good is going to feel even better.
  14. ST Renewals Poll

    Renewing and ticking every box as is standard. This will be my first year on the travel club.
  15. jack,dorrans, goss and docherty

    Docherty and Jack with dorrans further forward is what I can see happening from the start of next season. Jack just needs to calm down and stop the red mist coming down though, otherwise he is a liability to have in there. I unfortunately can’t see Goss staying, I reckon he will fancy his chances down south as he will be playing against teams that are better than a vast majority of those in the league that we are in and will see playing in the championship as a gateway to the premier league down south.