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  1. Haven trust managed to get a ticket for this for either game this season or the two when we were in the championship. Hopefully this will be make it easier to get a ticket for next season.
  2. I got St Johnstone, haven't been there since Jelavic scored twice and we won 2-1. Will hopefully pick one up for Partick.
  3. RIP big man
  4. Get well soon big man, that goal will last forever in the memories of thousands, including his own.
  5. I fancy my first away European trip this summer, so I hope it's somewhere easy to get to where I won't get murdered walking back from the game.
  6. Honestly need a godfather like hit to take out every single one of the scum that has done anything to us in one night.
  7. Great touch by the UB, remembering one of our own.
  8. Copland side.
  9. Motherwell also didn't sell us half the main stand like they used to, they did sell it to the tims though.
  10. Luckily ours didn't get pulled, know others that were though. It's nothing short of a joke your not allowed to drink on a bus.
  11. Beer man injects a lot of pace and energy into the team in my opinion. For someone to be able to do that at 18/19 years old shows there is a talent in their.
  12. We won, that's all that matters.
  13. No bad fir a shite Partick thistle
  14. Absolute scenes in the away end today, from a shite Partick thistle to beating the sheep. 😂😂
  15. Good way to start in the ticketing section, wish I could've started off with something like this.