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  1. cb72

    Hearts emails out

    That plays into it, but the fact that those who go to games such as Shkupi, Ufa etc will have priority over those who only want to go to say Villarreal or Vienna is why there is normally less of a scramble.
  2. cb72

    Hearts emails out

    Fuck all for me, anyone can’t make it I’ll take it off your hands. Only had Kilmarnock so far, CCCS starting to get harder and harder to get regular tickets off. I remember being in the championship and getting every second Away game.
  3. Is Barisic fit for this btw, it’d be a great relief if he was.
  4. Glad I finally sourced a ticket for this. 3-1 Rangers, Morelos to score twice and Grezda to come off the bench and get off the mark.
  5. cb72


    Fuck knows what Gerrard, Roma, Nigeria see in him. The sooner he is gone the better. Utter waste of space. Will gladly carry him on my back if it means him returning to Rome.
  6. Rangers to win, Kent to score, Jack to get booked and McKenna to get booked. 100/1 at bet365
  7. cb72

    St mirren

    St Mirren is becoming a real struggle, as are all away games. Won’t be long before the system is capped in my eyes.
  8. cb72

    St Mirren emails

    Hee haw for this, any spares going it would be much appreciated
  9. cb72

    Hamilton away CCCS

    Nothing for me for this or St Mirren
  10. What could possibly go wrong...
  11. cb72

    Livingston Emails

    Luckily didn’t get this, hopefully won’t get Hamilton either. Can’t see it though.
  12. cb72

    Game was lost in midfield

    If we’re to mount a challenge in both the group dates and the league then this has to be addressed. The sooner we have the current players who are injured back the better.
  13. cb72

    Game was lost in midfield

    Ejaria was woeful today, tried to be too fancy in the wrong areas.
  14. Gutted about not being at this, however, the last old firm I missed we won 😉. 2-0 lafferty double.
  15. cb72

    On this day, in 2006 we signed Sasa Papac

    A man who gave his all in every game, one of the most consistent players I’ve ever seen in a Rangers jersey. His scoring record against St Johnstone was different class as well aha.