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  1. I just love watching them get beat
  2. Our away support

    I haven't missed an away game in the league or cup all season, I can't name a single game where our away support hasn't been incredible.
  3. Junkies vs Rangers

    Getting my ticket off the bus on the day. Going to be tough I see a 3-1 win. Bring them on.
  4. Killie and Tarriers Payment.

    Got both, wasn't expecting that at all.
  5. Scottish cup draw

    Going to be some scramble for tickets then aha
  6. Dundee Roll Call

    I will be there , shankly stand row v
  7. Scottish cup draw

    I personally believe that this will be moved to a bigger ground, don't know what one but they will definitely be trying to make as much money as possible.
  8. When Are The Aberdeen Emails Out?

    Never got one, looking like I'm missing my first game this season.
  9. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Being made welcome. Not paying stupid prices for tickets. Really, really don't miss the standard of football and being Baltic at every game there was.
  10. ***Feedback Thread***

    Billy1984, sorted me for Ross county and was no hassle at all.
  11. The Appeal

    Couldn't see any other outcome to this, shocking refereeing on Saturday
  12. ***The RM Friday Quiz***

    And, 2- Valur and Kr Reykjavik
  13. ***The RM Friday Quiz***

    15- arnar gretarsson
  14. Hearts away

    Really hoping for a decent allocation here, wouldn't surprise me if the police only allow us to be given the likes of 10k though.
  15. I'm pretty sure I saw a few wearing the orange goalie kit on Sunday there. Could've just been cheap rip-offs though.