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  1. I’ll be there, cannot wait.
  2. To put into perspective just how far we have come, 7 years ago today we scraped a 2-2 draw at peterhead in our first league game in the lower divisions. Today, we put out a statement of intent. We showed that we are here to fight to be back where we rightfully belong, as champions of Scotland. Welcome to the party well and truly.
  3. Never got one, on the lookout, any spares give me a shout and I’ll try to return the favour later on this season.
  4. Anyone gets one and can’t make it I’ll gladly take it off your hands. No email here, can’t wait for this to be the case for a majority of this season 🙃
  5. 1-1 at the piggery when Clint Hill scored. Went there in hope rather than expectation that day expecting them to wipe the floor with us. That feeling when Hill put the ball in the net is one of the greatest feelings I’ve honestly ever felt.
  6. He wears number 19 ffs
  7. cb72


    Goldson and Katic is our best partnership in my opinion. We seen that earlier on in the season up until the game against Villarreal. Katic was unfairly dropped for Worrall in my opinion and suffered as a co sequence. By giving him a chance alongside Goldson for the rest of the season we’ll see if he can rediscover the form he had earlier on in the season and we’ll also see how he is a much better defender than Worrall when he is at his peak.
  8. cb72


    Sell him in the summer if a bid of a reasonable amount comes in. A Rangers captain who has become accustomed to losing. Seems like his mistakes come at the worst times also, and I feel it is time for him to move on.
  9. Didn’t think it was possible, but he is Scott Brown’s uglier double.
  10. Scandalous the way this has planned out, competition rules state 20%, if we request 20% we should get it. No ifs or buts. If Pittodrie is not fit to house 2,000 more away supporters then how can these same seats be sold to home supporters? Surely this was brought up by the SLO at the very least, it is his job to represent fans best interests after all.
  11. cb72

    Aberdeen Emails

    If any going spare, give me a PM
  12. cb72

    Aberdeen Emails

    Nothing, this is going to be a struggle 🙃
  13. Best player that we’ve seen for years. Will be a sad day when he goes. I honestly believe he will reach the highest level possible, has both the tenacity and the skill to play for some of the worlds best.
  14. Must go with the 4-3-3, only way we’ll win this game. Regardless, 3-0 Rangers. Cannot wait for this now, missed the sheep game first game of the season and with it now being the furthest away game it’s always a good laugh with the boys on the bus.
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