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  1. cb72

    Game off

    Couldn’t say it better myself.
  2. cb72

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Currently looking like I’ll be missing this, regardless, 6-0 to the famous if the game goes ahead.
  3. cb72

    Cowdenbeath v Rangers

    Still looking.
  4. cb72

    Cowdenbeath v Rangers

    Looking for one
  5. Stand up and be counted tonight, put out a statement and shut the wee ginger prick up.
  6. cb72


    Give him support and he scores every game, that simple
  7. Europe was a BONUS, now we just need to focus on the league and Scottish cup. The state of some people in here is a fucking disgrace.
  8. cb72


    This is the second game in which he’s played well, but I think he’s still getting up to full speed.
  9. cb72


    Thought he played very well for the time he was on the pitch today, going to be absolutely frightening when he is up to full speed.
  10. cb72

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Finally got a ticket for this, buzzing. 2-0 the famous, Alfredo double.
  11. cb72

    Hibs Ballot

    I’ve had Kilmarnock and Dundee, literally the only 2 I’d have easily picked up (aside from Livingston)
  12. cb72

    Hibs Ballot

    I remember in the Championship (the absolute cluster fuck of a year) getting near enough every second game, I even got Dumbarton once. Now you need to have seriously good contacts as well as being a member of an RSC to get anywhere near that amount of tickets.
  13. cb72

    Greg Docherty

    I hope Docherty succeeds here, and I think he will. Just look at Halliday, went from being an absolute Basket case under Caixinha and Murty to looking like a fairly reliable player who can be called up when needed under Gerrard. That affect would hopefully be evident in Docherty as well.
  14. cb72

    Sky win rights for SPFL football.

    There is one positive...
  15. cb72

    Hearts emails out

    That plays into it, but the fact that those who go to games such as Shkupi, Ufa etc will have priority over those who only want to go to say Villarreal or Vienna is why there is normally less of a scramble.