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  1. We can get Progres Siroki Brijeg Shkupi Stumbras Dunajska Streda
  2. King obviously now knows they have nothing on him anymore, he’s played this spectacularly well.
  3. Very strange that no journos have mentioned it or “leaked” anything.
  4. Is this 11pm non disclosure agreement a real thing or made up nonsense?
  5. Hahaha never have, just laughing at your snide comment. Made a mug of yourself, “whopper”.
  6. Bill Young is a tadger and his radio show is pish.
  7. Heart and Hand alluding to a Friday lunchtimeish announcement.
  8. Express and the Star have the same sports department apparently.
  9. 3 year deal accepted according to the express. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/953733/Steven-Gerrard-to-Rangers-Liverpool-agrees-contract-manager
  10. Just waiting on Murty tweeting saying he hasn’t resigned or been sacked.
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