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  1. williamcarvel9

    That 2nd Half Performance

    See last season just before the game v them at Ibrox. I was hearing that "we're back" and I wasn't convinced. We were way off it but the majority thought because we weren't far off the top that we were back and had others running scared. Maybe I am getting carried away but we have the players now and a manager now, I firmly believe that we can be back challenging and hopefully leading to dominating again.
  2. williamcarvel9


    Wow! What a performance
  3. williamcarvel9

    Rangers v Maribor Live

    It's not letting me get it now, could only get it before 7pm is this right?
  4. williamcarvel9

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    I'm not saying that's what I want but that's the team I think Gerrard will start with. I'd rather Windass behind Morelos with Candeias on the right and McRorie and Ejaria in the middle
  5. williamcarvel9

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Think with Arfield out Gerrard will bring in Ejaria McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan McRorie Windass Candeias Ejaria Murphy Morelos
  6. williamcarvel9

    Bolstered at the Back, Still lacking up Top

    Put Murphy where Middleton is and Ejaria where Murphy is and that will be the team I'd start
  7. williamcarvel9

    Bolstered at the Back, Still lacking up Top

    Since the Warburton era the amount of excellent positions we get ourselves into with no end product is ridiculous. Players need to be courageous and take responsibility in these areas
  8. williamcarvel9


    Lots of support from midfield and wide, hope it's a sign of things to come
  9. williamcarvel9


    Noticeably from the way we set up yesterday that with Candeias and Arfield in the middle with McRorie sitting, our central midfelders ended up wider supporting the wingers and outnumbering the full backs, with McRorie being the protection. I'm presuming this is the primary formation although Gerrard has said he would use others depending on the opposition. Even though it was v Bury it looked effective. Do we think this is the formation and line up v Shkupi?
  10. williamcarvel9

    Scotland 78: A Love Story

    Just watched the documentary there. I was born in 88 so didn't realise how good a squad it was. But scum press trying to destroy careers and lives back then too, didn't realise how bad Johnston got it either
  11. Don't see why we can't give him a go. Didn't harm the likes of Casillas, Valdes, de Gea, Donnarumma to be thrown in at massive clubs at such a young age
  12. williamcarvel9

    Players we nearly signed...

    Did we not nearly sign Diego Tristan round about the same time as Tamudo. Do I want to say It was Mallorca he played for
  13. williamcarvel9

    Director of Football and Signings

    I read about Watford recently. They are working wonders under Marco Silva but a lot of their success is behind the scenes. They've had something like a manager a season the past 4 but never sack them during the season, each with a bit more success than previous. This is what we need to build, a smooth behind the scenes so that when a manager goes there is no major transition
  14. williamcarvel9

    *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    How is he a snake? Do you have proof of this? You would rather play down a goal that he has just scored but play up some media shite you don't have the first clue about
  15. williamcarvel9

    *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    I hate shite comments like this. Rewarded for his antics? Do you know what's gone on behind the scenes? As far as I'm concerned Miller only wants the best for us