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  1. williamcarvel9

    Scotland 78: A Love Story

    Just watched the documentary there. I was born in 88 so didn't realise how good a squad it was. But scum press trying to destroy careers and lives back then too, didn't realise how bad Johnston got it either
  2. williamcarvel9

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    If he comes then I hope the boy has a strong mentality and can take a tackle. Unfortunately a player like this boy will just get absolutely hammered by the opposition up here
  3. williamcarvel9

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Going against the grain here, but personally think we will look back and see this is as a loss and mistake. Has great attributes and has a lot to learn still. Hasn't had someone like Gerrard/McCallister to pass on knowledge
  4. Don't see why we can't give him a go. Didn't harm the likes of Casillas, Valdes, de Gea, Donnarumma to be thrown in at massive clubs at such a young age
  5. williamcarvel9

    Players we nearly signed...

    Did we not nearly sign Diego Tristan round about the same time as Tamudo. Do I want to say It was Mallorca he played for
  6. williamcarvel9

    Director of Football and Signings

    I read about Watford recently. They are working wonders under Marco Silva but a lot of their success is behind the scenes. They've had something like a manager a season the past 4 but never sack them during the season, each with a bit more success than previous. This is what we need to build, a smooth behind the scenes so that when a manager goes there is no major transition
  7. williamcarvel9

    *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    How is he a snake? Do you have proof of this? You would rather play down a goal that he has just scored but play up some media shite you don't have the first clue about
  8. williamcarvel9

    *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    I hate shite comments like this. Rewarded for his antics? Do you know what's gone on behind the scenes? As far as I'm concerned Miller only wants the best for us
  9. williamcarvel9


    I don't see a reason at the minute to break up Jack and Dorrans. He will probably be eased in. Very happy with Jack, never really seen him at Aberdeen but he's very tidy and does a great job
  10. williamcarvel9

    Eduardo Herrera

    Maybe being over critical but just his composure and the way he looked on the ball was very uncomfortable and clumsy looking
  11. williamcarvel9

    Eduardo Herrera

    There was a piece of play where 2 Marseille defenders tripped each other up and let Herrera take the ball on the wing. He looked like he had no idea or technical ability and just lashed the ball against the defender hoping for a corner. Didn't fill me with too much confidence after seeing that
  12. williamcarvel9

    ***Official Rangers V Marseille thread***

    How frustrating is Wallace? He gets himself in great positions time and again but his final ball is woeful
  13. williamcarvel9

    Premier Sports

    Just ordered Premier Sports, anyone know how long it will take to come on to my sky??
  14. williamcarvel9

    Last European game you attended

    Malmo at home
  15. williamcarvel9

    Starting Lineup First Europa League Qualifier

    Foderingham Tavernier McRorie Cardoso Wallace Rossiter Jack Miller Kranjcar Dalcio Morelos