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  1. I'm sure he does personal shout outs for money and recorded a video singing. "Down,down dundee utds staying down,down" to the tune of down town 😂
  2. This is from the twitter hack
  3. Liewell going through the phone book - Mourinho- naw Benitez- naw AVB- naw Moyes- a wish Lets settle for lenny the Lidl ex hibs manager who left us for Bolton in the past 😂 This will take the shine off their wee day now bet there's trouble up the gallagate the nite. Poor bernadette
  4. They can have their wee shitey day in the rain, but they'll no forget the gubbing we gave them at Ibrox and I'm being 100% serious this is the best thing that could've happened if it means the fat ginger fenian getting the job full time. Any slip up the day could've forced them to break open the child abuse fund and splash out on a top manager.
  5. Only plus is yella teeth will be a shoe in for the job now and Steven Gerrard has already shown he has the measure of the ugly bastard
  6. Another murder the day a heard 🤔
  7. Aye they have a knack for it. That and pumping young boys
  8. Might be to do with the bead rattlers scoring goals late on and us conceading a few later on in games
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