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  1. Still got the cunts rattled. Popcorn teeths jacket on a shoogly peg. No be long till theyre oot in the carpark 🤣
  2. Going with our record of poor opening day results...... i'll take it. Plus a last minute winner will sicken all the bead rattling bastards 😂
  3. When he pretended he was leaving the forum
  4. Puts things in perspective. Thoughts are with the family. RIP
  5. He is a fenian mate. Runs the Castlemilk tarrier bus and works in the local Greggs. Fat fenian roaster
  6. Let's no forget he pumped Jordan back in her heyday. Said in his book he was fined £25,000 for staying out all night and making the front pages. He said it was worth every penny 😂 No Surrender Fernando.
  7. I'll stick to "Something to wrestle with......Bruce Prichard" for my podcasting needs thank you
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