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  1. The Beast and some guy aff the Chase
  2. Been sleeping all day as I'm nightshift. Great bit of business to wake up to. Cue the bead rattlers "where they getting the money fae" Get it right round yees
  3. These are the 2 apps i use to play N64 games like No Mercy and Football and Champ Manager on the PSP.
  4. @dummiesoot what happened to the RM golf society thread? Have the polis still got it for evidence?
  5. Aye she said it was all over fudbook. Well that's the last time they get my money. Fenian muslim bastards
  6. @ForeverAndEver does a bit of punting up that way, not one to start any rumours but he's never away from the bit the photo is taken from as Mcdonald's, a chippy, chinky and kebab shop in a 2 minute radius.
  7. Exactly mate, he wants people to engage and argue with him. If nobody responds to him he'll disappear.
  8. I posted it in the OT so lurkers canny access it. This is the last time I reply to u.
  9. Cunt only appears at times like this, he thrives on it
  10. Got to the OT posted hunners of myself. Nothing to hide ya skinny fenian bastard
  11. Don't know why people engage this junkie looking fuck and tbh don't know why admin allow him to spout his pish. Fuck off to kerrydale street ya fenian fuck
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