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  1. Exactly mate, he wants people to engage and argue with him. If nobody responds to him he'll disappear.
  2. I posted it in the OT so lurkers canny access it. This is the last time I reply to u.
  3. Cunt only appears at times like this, he thrives on it
  4. Got to the OT posted hunners of myself. Nothing to hide ya skinny fenian bastard
  5. Don't know why people engage this junkie looking fuck and tbh don't know why admin allow him to spout his pish. Fuck off to kerrydale street ya fenian fuck
  6. They bastards have always had a knack for scoring late on so this must've killed them inside.
  7. Quite possibly mate. I went up on the Toryglen bus, I was 17. First timeI'd seen guys gub an eccie on the way up to the game 😂 Bus got pelted wae bricks on way out. Had to get a police escort, never made much difference
  8. I was at that game, nearly got called off cause an old guy got punched. Brilliant day out
  9. Still shiting myself watching it even though I know the outcome
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