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  1. Gerrards the difference between the teams
  2. Canny even remember what a had for breakfast
  3. So sad watched the cars enter the Linn Crematorium. What a warrior he was right till the very end. Rest in peace Fernando.
  4. Never got the chance to head over to Ibrox to pay my respects due to a day off work with my wee lassie being sick but will watch as the legend passes by towards the Linn Crematorium. I stay local so once the mrs gets in from work ill head down. Rest in peace Fernando. Forever our captain
  5. Aye him n Morelos will hate each other they said. Seems to be taking Alfredo under his wing, with his experience can only be a good thing for our wee Columbian goal machine.
  6. Mind the guy phoned in to the radio asking "Why Antti Niemi wasnt getting a game for Scotland"and the host said cause hes Finnish to which the caller replied he's no finished. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Used more than 20 words having to explain the "no" 🙄
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