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  1. Shows how classy this guy is when his old club do this.
  2. This new u is on the ball ma man. I like it
  3. Wee mans no giving a fuck, playing his annual charity game.
  4. There will be no discussion of the football that was played, Alfie's sending off ,gestures to fans, gun signs, ex players giving wanker signs now sacked will give them plenty to shy away from the fact that we gubbed the fenian bastards in their own midden
  5. Morelos is safe it's Morales that's getting chibbed
  6. Sign him sit him in the Broomie gesturing to all away fans for the rest of the season
  7. Thought the idea of the operation was to leave in the part of the brain that wasn't fucked ­čĄ¬
  8. Speaks volumes about how far we've came as a team when one of our best performers has an off day and we still pump them at torbett towers
  9. Big Boydys team of the week ­čśé
  10. The fixture is meant to be taken into consideration in each circumstance. ie a bitter derby where players have been subjected to objects beimg thrown at them recently,so that today should never have happened. Clancy wanted him off the park as quickly as possible as time was running out for the fenian bastards. Davis was under threat walking past they stinking cunts
  11. My father in law never seen the game live, he just watched sportscene there and i had already gave him a rundown of how it went, i had to phone him again telling him how much was edited and left out, looked a totally different game then even ginger stewart,through gritted teeth confirmed we controlled the majority of the game. You're right, a neutral watching that thinks they were all over us
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