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  1. Didn't realise this was on our TV. Fantastic! These games will be absolute powderkeg. Boca for me.
  2. Totally agree. This situation is far far beyond points scoring and football. Our actions and behaviours (good and bad) should have consequences and hopefully they're coming for some people. It's just a shocking, sickening and sad story and one that we've heard all too often in all sorts of walks of life in recent years. The difference is the continuing denials and silence this time.
  3. Don't think anyone emerges from this well at all tbh. The personal abuse, the goading of fans, objects thrown, managers diving. All very poor. He conducts himself with zero class and that's why people laugh when things like this happen to him but next time it could be an innocent bystander. Remember the kid hit with a thrown bottle on the way to an old firm game.
  4. DW1872

    Ruud Gullit

    I was just a bit young to appreciate Davie Cooper in his prime. My grandad used to tell me how good Davie was and I remember him barely able to speak when the news was on just after Coop died. He wasn't an emotional man my grandad, old school, but that really got him. Anyway the fact that Davie Cooper was my hero's hero makes this recognition from a world great very nice to hear and totally justified. Glad that was posted because I'd probably never have seen it otherwise.
  5. DW1872

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    I love the Simpsons too 😁
  6. DW1872


    And a backheel assist from the halfway line!
  7. DW1872

    Andy Cap(tain)

    Andy Halliday is living his dream and I'm delighted for him.
  8. DW1872

    Rangers, Scotland Squad

    Not fussed at all about the Scotland squad. Actually would prefer none of our players in there because I'd rather not risk the chance of injuries. Also makes it a bit more awkward supporting the opposition when there are Gers players playing.
  9. This all day long. A run of positive results and the games can't come quick enough.
  10. DW1872

    Some perspective...

    Fair point and it adds more pressure to get something from the game next week. But I still say that if we'd passed better today and marked better at set pieces we would have won. That's basics, not formations. I think that we're in better shape than I would have expected this early into Gerrard's reign and there's lots of football to be played and lots of improvement to come from us. There is most definitely a title race on this season regardless of what happens next week.
  11. DW1872

    Some perspective...

    Easy in hindsight to say why try that formation but most people on here seemed very keen to try it as well. On paper it made perfect sense and I think he tried it today as we now have 2 genuine wing backs which wasn't the case before Barisic signed. Also think he tried it today with a view to the next 2 games. He said he wants a squad that can adapt to different tactics and formations depending on the opposition. I know every game that Rangers don't win is the start of a mini crisis but the 3rd league game of the season isn't 'must win'. I do agree that we didn't look anything like as solid as previous games but if we marked properly at set pieces we'd have won. That's what cost us 2 points today. Having said all that I'm hoping and expecting a back 4 on Thursday and Sunday.
  12. DW1872

    Some perspective...

    Absolutely. He played at the very top all his career and maybe is still adjusting to managing players who frankly couldn't lace his boots. I'm with you though because I think he will be a top manager as well. I've no doubt he'll learn from today. But I keep saying this was a game we'd have lost last season so there's some positives in that.
  13. DW1872

    Some perspective...

    We'll never know if it would have been different with a back 4 from the start but our basics were lacking today (passing, marking) and when that's the case you could play any formation and not win.
  14. DW1872

    Some perspective...

    Yep, today we didn't play well regardless of formation. Hopefully a kick up the arse, lessons learned and onto the next two games. I still think the positive of today is that we played badly against a very physical team who bullied us last season and we didn't get beat. We would have been beaten in the last 2 seasons. A bit of a wake up call today that there's still a lot to do.
  15. DW1872

    Some perspective...

    They train all week and should be able to adapt to it in a game against Motherwell. The two set piece goals we lost had nothing to do with the formation. Having said that I hope we go to a back 4 for the next games as Goldson and Katic are a brilliant pairing.