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  1. Lee Wallace

    I'm hoping beyond hope for a win, I cannot stand how smug and over confident the scum players and fans are. Also I'm not spending the afternoon cuddling you of we're only getting a draw, you think I'm bent or something??!!
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Just watched that. Wow. If decisions even themselves out over a season then by christ we're in for some belters!
  3. Declan John

    I do get that point but still think Beerman is a better option. He's our player and I think we pretty much unanimously agree he's better going forward but could also cover for Wallace when needed. I'd like to see Beerman get a run at left midfield.
  4. Declan John

    I wasn't impressed although it was only his first game. I'll not start slagging him on one performance. The thing I don't understand is why we signed him in the first place. He isn't going to play ahead of Wallace (if fit) and he's no better than Beerman (who would benefit from game time).
  5. Hibs: Statement

    Even hibs have more class than cellic
  6. Bheast FC: Statement

    Come on Rangers please hit back with venom to this shite. It seems all and sundry of Scottish football are lining up to have a pop at us and they feel that they can. Now is the time to kick back starting from the board. Nobody else will fight our corner, we have to.
  7. Our player wins POTM

    The thing about MOH is that he couldn't perform like that for us. Same with some others we've moved on. The Rangers jersey is heavier that the St Johnstone jersey. Or Ipswich etc. Some players just can't hack it with a big club with big expectations. Can't compare his form there to his form with us.
  8. Orange top.

    The best thing if we had an orange top would be the widespread meltdown that would occur in Scottish football. It would be hilarious!
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That's uncomfortable. I'm not sure many decent parents would allow that of their child. It would be over my cold, dead body that my child would be exploited like that. It's the fact they're stood circling him like he's some kind of circus performer. Poor wee lad, let him support his team and leave him alone.
  10. Totally attention seeking. I can't understand why any Gers fan would support Scotland. I never will because I'll never forget the hatred and bile from them towards us. I've gone from not caring about the national team to really really wanting to see them fail.
  11. I actually like Arsenal (probably because of the Rangers shares) and feel for their fans. Wenger has been left behind and although he sticks to his principals which is admiral he gets easily out thought by other coaches and his players out fought. He seems to make no effort to change tactics against different opposition. Everybody knows how to play against Arsenal now and they don't seem to be able to offer anything to counter it. Maybe their plan B should be to do plan A better?? If Wenger had left after 10 years he'd be forever lauded as their greatest ever.
  12. Photographic Proof

    Whatever people think of Pedro he stands up for himself and our club. It's about time someone did. Good on you Pedro and long may it continue like this after victories.
  13. As much as I wouldn't want my daughter to be with a fan of them at any point in her life there's no way I'd ever risk my relationship with her over it. To me it's about priorities and I love her more than I could hate anything. I would however ensure that I was the best grandad ever so that her kids would follow the Gers with me! Hopefully never happen though and as she's only 10 I've plenty time to have an influence!
  14. Kenny Miller Reaction

    I know he has been a good servant but I've never rated him highly as a footballer although you can't question his commitment. The reason I will never love him as a Ger is the chest beating celebration at the scum dome and I don't know why he's revered by some on here. Stokesey? Fuck right off.
  15. Dream introduction.

    Brilliant. The next generation. That pic makes me proud! You must be bursting. 🇬🇧