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  1. I think this thread should be closed. I can't believe we're even discussing it. Of course we shouldn't give them a guard of honour.
  2. Jamie Murphy in a central role?
  3. We need a quality creative driving force from midfield so only one choice imo and that's Gazza.
  4. Exactly how I feel too. There's no doubt in my mind they're going backwards and Rodgers knew it. He's gotten out of there with his reputation intact and left behind a team that's regressing. A bit like O'Neill did. They are there for the taking and our time is coming. I fear we've left ourselves too much to do this season but by fuck I'm not giving up.
  5. I'll answer for you!! Absolutely fucking nothing.
  6. Desperate for him to fulfill his potential and be a mainstay for years and ultimately a Rangers legend. Seems a genuinely nice lad who would run through brick walls for the club.
  7. Never a truer word said. Every day, win lose or draw, I love that I'm one of us.
  8. Croatian man goes to mass in 2019. Headline news indeed. I fucking despair at this country and its media.
  9. I find Levein a very difficult character to like, however he's grown on me slightly. Whatever you think of him, the response to Stewart was quality 😂
  10. If he's half as good as Cordoba he'll be a star. Recoba was amazing, so so much talent. Of course the best South American at Inter will always be Zanetti.
  11. So many great South American players have been at Inter over the years. Hopefully Godin becomes another one.
  12. I know, incredible list of names. It's a shame the Italian league has been overshadowed by La Liga and the EPL because if you're of a certain age Italy and their football holds so much great memories.
  13. Aw man I loved Sosa! Yeah, great days, quality football, big names, big stadiums. It all seemed so exciting and exotic back in the day.
  14. I've a real soft spot for Inter (football Italia in the 90s!) so I'm delighted with that. A real coup because as you say he probably could've chosen whoever he wanted.
  15. What a fantastic transfer. On a free as well.
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