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  1. 4-4-2

    Just read through this thread and I can't come up with my first choice line up. Dorrans would be there for me but so many people don't have him in. It proves we are building what looks like a very decent squad and have options in both personnel and formation. It's a squad game these days and we look like having a good starting 11 and good options from the bench.
  2. What Is Wrong With These People?

    It's just another thing that proves (although they won't admit it) Scottish football was, is and always will be about The Rangers.
  3. Shocking call for the pen
  4. David Bates

    I have to say that I was worried when Bruno came off and Bates come on. How terribly wrong I was. Fantastic performance. He deserves to stay in the team and it's great to finally have some players befitting of the jersey.
  5. El Buffalo

    And hopefully he'll get better wearing the Rangers jersey for many years to come.
  6. Has Murty already failed?

    Murty. Unbeaten at the tattie some. He'll do for me!
  7. El Buffalo

    Well said pal. He'll only get better with experience as well. Also I have to say that I love your new profile pic. He's starting in my team over Alves every time.
  8. El Buffalo

    Aye, the one thing that lets him down! What the fuck is he thinking with that haircut?!
  9. El Buffalo

    He should have scored today and his final pass/decision is sometimes suspect however I thought he merited a thread. He is a one man front line who never hides, creates chances from nothing and gives everything always. Build the team around this guy. He is what I want from a Ger and he deserves wearing the badge.
  10. Rangers Art - Ibrox Disaster Design 66

    Classy design. So many, so young. Heart wrenching.
  11. Lots of posts suggesting we go with a back 3 and wingbacks. I think we potentially have the players to do this but surely it should've been tried before now as going with a new system at the scum dome would be foolish. Or would it be genius?? Whatever system we go with I struggle to see where our goals will come from. Not confident at all but law of averages and all that.....
  12. Tav

    Surely he wouldn't be interested in going to Sunderland then.
  13. Windass

    I'm no fan of Twitter or Josh Windass but he hasn't said anything wrong. What he does wrong is hide in games when the going gets tough. I am however open to be proven wrong on that one starting with the next two games. But if he's a Rangers no.11 just played his 50th game then undoubtedly standards have slipped.