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  1. Most will be too busy jumping off bridges and the like to post online.
  2. I know what you're saying and mostly agree. I do think Alfredo maybe snatches at some chances against them that he wouldn't against other teams and the sooner he scores the sooner nobody talks about it. Is the fact that he hasn't scored (played well for sure) playing on his mind? I think yes and I also think until we beat them when it really mattered (especially at their midden) doubts would remain in some quarters about our collective mentality. However I totally agree that the mental block narrative has been used to suit. The progress certainly is huge and today another point proven about our team to some people.
  3. I agree, however until we got a really big result against them questions would still be asked. Today at their midden with the possibility of going 8 points behind and winning the way we did answers any questions imo. I have no doubt we'll kick on after the break now and not make the mistakes of last season.
  4. So true. Can't believe some of the stuff on here tonight. European football after Xmas is a great result.
  5. I agree but I'd also bet if he un-retires the manager would welcome him back and be gushing all over him.
  6. I think the national team and brown are well suited and deserve each other but the arrogance of the prick thinking he can just pick and choose when he retires and when he plays is astonishing. If he comes out of retirement (again) and is automatically picked it's all the more reason to despise the national team. I wish to fuck Ryan Jack would retire from it ­čśé
  7. The very people they refuse to honour are the very people that fought and died to give them the freedom that allows them to behave like arseholes.
  8. Doesn't matter if the player is a bear or not this is disgusting and not befitting of our club. Not sure if it's been confirmed but that fact Docherty apologised suggests it did happen. Scummy behaviour.
  9. Just read that his 9 year old daughter has died after a 5 month battle with cancer. Absolutely no words. Fucking horrible world sometimes.
  10. Really doesn't feel like another false dawn this time ­čĹŹ
  11. I think this thread should be closed. I can't believe we're even discussing it. Of course we shouldn't give them a guard of honour.
  12. Jamie Murphy in a central role?
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