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  1. Monaco 8 Deportivo 3 deserves a mention. Dado scored 4 I think. Other than that Barca beating Man U in the 2 finals for sheer quality.
  2. No matter how long I live I will never tire of watching that ­čśé­čśé
  3. Agree. Right now we hold the aces because they've no idea what we've got. The panic dripping from their every pore is joyful.
  4. But what's that got to do with 2020 and an unprecedented global lockdown leading to an incomplete season? An incomplete season yet a title handed out anyway. We were in D3 and they won titles which are a bit meaningless without us there but they won them mathematically over a full season. I don't get why you are arguing for them and against us.
  5. Fuck me. I didn't see that. Mind boggling from a supposed Ger.
  6. We're talking about 2020 and 9iar. This is nothing like 2012.
  7. That's what it sounds like and what I can't get my head around. I'm not going to start insulting him but fuck me, imagine coming into a Rangers forum with that stuff.
  8. Personally I think most Rangers fans would also be concerned with them being handed another 9iar and being another title closer to our record. It's replies like that which winds people up.
  9. No they wouldn't. They wouldn't have another League title to their name.
  10. Fair point! There's a difference though expressing what you think will happen and coming over like you're relentlessly campaigning for them.
  11. I think it's that you seem to be thriving on them being awarded it that's winding people up. I don't think anyone's burying their head in the sand. It's a Rangers forum full of Rangers fans so it's fairly obvious that you constantly talking them up for the title will provoke reactions of a varying degree of annoyance.
  12. I don't agree with some of the insults you're getting but I think they're coming from frustration at a Rangers fan seemingly thriving on talking up the filth being handed a 9th title in a row that they haven't won due to the season being incomplete. What Rangers fan would argue for that outcome on a Rangers forum?
  13. Null and void to me means that the European spots go to the teams that earned them the previous season. It would be like starting this season again. I agree with you totally that a title cannot be handed out when it hasn't been won.
  14. I think Fury beats AJ every time.
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