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  1. Tony Pulis

    I know! Proper, no nonsense, British manager who would toughen us up no end and knows the game inside out. I'd take him without a second thought. Don't know how realistic it is though.
  2. Tommy Wright

    Like most names on the list it's not inspiring but he'd do a job and I'd take him above a lot of other names mentioned.
  3. Kenny Miller

    I started reading your post and was about to reply with venom. "Modern day Mr Rangers" - he fucking played for them, did you forget the chest beating celebration?? Then I read the rest of your post! Totally agree.
  4. Adrian Durham - nail on head

    A chance to win trophies and restore us to the top of Scottish football? Maybe some things are worth more than money. The last big challenge of his career? Definitely worth asking him the question.
  5. What's happening to my club?

    Sad but true. I hope I'm wrong but fear this is just another stage in a long, depressing process.
  6. What's happening to my club?

    So so sad but true. That's my point, what is the short/medium/long term plan to remedy that.
  7. What's happening to my club?

    Cheers. This forum sometimes is like therapy and that's a good reply! By God I hope you're right.
  8. Ok so Pedro is gone. His record wasn't good and it's debatable whether any progress has been made (if pushed I'd say we were a bit better than last season). I loved his passion and defence of the club and I thank him for that but it's no surprise he's gone. What is really getting to me is that the fantastic, successful and stable club I grew up watching is gone (yeah yeah, sevco, new club etc etc, not funny) and we're lurching from one crisis to another and one short term strategy to another. We had to rebuild completely from the bottom division and missed the opportunity to do that with young players who would by now have lots of experience and hopefully know what what playing for the Rangers is all about. I'm struggling to see where we go from here, the potential managers that have been mentioned hardly excite and I doubt we've the finances to appoint a big name. I will back whoever comes in obviously but just can't see what the vision is to take us forward. Do we accept that it'll be short term pain for long term gain? Is there any managerial suggestions that might get the time to properly rebuild? Or do we have to be realistic and think that 10iar is almost a formality? I love this club like everyone else on here but can't see a light at the end of this tunnel. However come Saturday I'll be cheering us on as usual and if we win my weekend will be a good one. But long term? Is there a plan or are we on the way to becoming like other clubs with short term appointments and sackings at the first sign of trouble?
  9. When do we need a manager by?

    I just think we need to get the right manager in, whoever that may be. Timescales not as important as the right appointment. We can't fuck this up again.
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Couldn't make it up. Ridiculous.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Aye, FIFA and cellic, cut from the same cloth indeed!
  12. Pedro - MUST stay! yes he does

    I would love a bit of longer term stability again. We had a chance to build from the bottom division but missed it. Now it is short term pain for long term gain. Hopefully.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Maybe some of the FIFA big wigs are Palestinian. Or terrorists. Or just fellow scumbags.
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    12 fines in 6 years and their scummy fans have just won best fans at FIFA awards. What the hell is wrong with football?? Don't know whether to be pissed off or just piss myself laughing.
  15. Pedro - MUST stay! yes he does

    You're a brave man posting this on here after yesterday. For what it's worth I agree with all that you said. We've had to build from almost nothing and we need to give him time to do that. I think we need to remember what he inherited. Also I do love his passion and that he defends our club.