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  1. Chants were started by one my mates. 👍 The rest followed. Plenty of bears in San Marino.
  2. Yeah cos that's how it works 😂😂😂
  3. It's in Arabic though but I'll cope. Just had an 11 course Meze. Thank fuck I'm away to the room to watch the game.
  4. Rangers TV on my IPTV working. Using whilst I'm on holiday in Cyprus. WATP
  5. Hoss


    Showed in reality we need a lot of improvement. It was and is always known but around the park showed how much we rely on Alfie and a dynamic midfield 3. Folk greeting about the ref today are fucktards... McLean called it pretty bang on... We need a lot to win this league. I still think we can do it, bit we need the 11 from NY firing along with Alfie in the team.
  6. Is the additional game because he's been sent off before?
  7. @ForeverInBlue sorted me two for St Mirren. No issues at all 👍
  8. £2 a month seems pretty decent to me. especiallyif you're getting a meet and greet and chance to attend a training session.
  9. When Alfredo pushed away Christie, wasn't it in reaction to a stamp on him? Christie should surely be reprimanded.
  10. The SLO was in Edinburgh today getting on it. Can only make the assumption is he is canned.
  11. Hoss


    We need VAR! It would further highlight shite referees now if they were given the opportunity to review decisions and still fuck it up.
  12. This is still under review at the SFA. Collumhas been grilled and has been told in no uncertain terms will he get the New Year game. More to come.
  13. I feel vindicated now that due to a peice glitch I managed to get £2k worth of whisky for £400 of them.
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