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  1. Like it or nor Rangers and celtic are probably the most political clubs in the history of football. Any Rangers fan that sides towards the ‘Yes’ brigade is likely a salty, gender fluid, left wing cunt, with sympathy for the Fenians and Palestine flag waving professional victims. But with such a large amount of people (just as in every fan base) there are going to be a spectrum of opinions. Every club has some spastics, even us. Can’t imagine supporting a club 100% full of spastic peado’s though, like them pikey fake leprachaun cunts.
  2. The thought of the ginger fenian IRA loving spastic getting one over on us is painful. Let’s hope we get a win...
  3. Why is anyone surprised at the hatred for us from these IRA loving peado’s. I’d be more concerned if they acted like decent people.
  4. No chance will we get him for £2-3 million. Look at what fee’s championship clubs have been paying for good players, he’ll cost £8-10 million for a permanent move at least with a buy back clause for Liverpool. If he keeps on improving, he’ll be worth the investment.
  5. We did exactly what they did to us at peado park. We gave them a football and application lesson. Let’s hope we can keep this form going into the new year.
  6. A shit first half takes the shine of the win, but atleast its 3 points against a hoofball side.
  7. This is embarrassing. Utter utter shite. I’d have these c*nts in for training on Christamas day.
  8. Born and raised in England, I feel the same about international football, I’m barely Interested. I’ll watch the world and European cups, that’s it. Southgate is doing a decent job, but meh. Domestic football is the bread and butter, it pisses me off when people talk about cutting back foreign numbers so the national teams will do better. What a load of bollocks that is, if players are good enough they will get the games. My dream is a British league. I couldn’t give a toss what FIFA would think, a British league would be the biggest spectacle in world football.
  9. The thing is, genuine quality costs £150k a week plus. We will never have the quality we crave.
  10. Papering over some serious cracks. We were awful today, absolutely gash.
  11. Neither do homosexuals, certainly not in the UK.
  12. When is the straight pride event?
  13. I don’t condone coins throwing at football. But what a great shot, couldn’t have happened to a more grizzly fenian cunt.
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