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  1. BarclayClansmen

    Lack of winners?

    The thing is, genuine quality costs £150k a week plus. We will never have the quality we crave.
  2. BarclayClansmen

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    Papering over some serious cracks. We were awful today, absolutely gash.
  3. BarclayClansmen

    Gers Launch Ibrox Pride

    Neither do homosexuals, certainly not in the UK.
  4. BarclayClansmen

    Gers Launch Ibrox Pride

    When is the straight pride event?
  5. BarclayClansmen

    **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    I don’t condone coins throwing at football. But what a great shot, couldn’t have happened to a more grizzly fenian cunt.
  6. BarclayClansmen

    ***The Official Rangers V Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    One day maybe. That’s the dream for me, a British league. Can’t believe the money men haven’t made it happen, it would be a huge spectacle. Would love to see celtic away at Millwall / Chelsea / Leeds etc, they would get so much ‘banter’ 😉
  7. BarclayClansmen

    ***The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread***

    Sadiq is an embarrassment, Tav is not good enough for Rangers. Absolutely poor. Smash and grab by the sheep, they took their chance.
  8. BarclayClansmen

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Again the plastic pitch looks hideous to play football on. Any scrappy win will do and move on.
  9. BarclayClansmen

    Vote Wisely Bears

    Must admit I like the direction of UKIP under Gerard Batten. Probably a wasted vote though.
  10. BarclayClansmen

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    I wonder what Neymar and PSG would make of that comment... everyclub is a selling club if the price is big enough.
  11. BarclayClansmen


    Is there away of getting RTV live matches within the UK? I’m not a tech buff, but isn’t there a way of getting a foreign IP address?
  12. BarclayClansmen

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Any links that don’t require credit card details?
  13. BarclayClansmen

    UFC live.

    I’m so pleased that mouthy pikey cnut got smashed, he looks a fool now 😂
  14. BarclayClansmen

    Acting like tarriers

    Yep. “Rangers have more of these types of fans than other clubs”, he also mentioned we were singing anti SFA songs straight after the coin throwing incident. I couldn’t make this out from watching on the box.
  15. BarclayClansmen

    Acting like tarriers

    Anybody hear that c*nt Jim White on talksport today? Aparantly Rangers have more idiot fans the most other clubs he said. Maybe because we have more fans than most clubs huh? Or maybe don’t judge tens of thousands of people on the actions of one ballbag? Jim is a cretin.