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  1. Would a Nazi salute disrupt your life? Or would you rather just keep Nazi salutes out of football?
  2. Of course you think anyone who disagrees with you is racist. You are the definition of a bigot. if only you had the grey matter to understand it’s YOU who is the racist with your acts of white knighting, to save the poor little brown people. You really don’t think much of them do you? They certainly need your support bless them....
  3. So what is it. Racism? Who are the degenerates that must begone? We’re all German soldiers racist or naive?
  4. Why do you believe they are justified in taking the knee raising the black power fist? What do you think they believe about the movement?
  5. What do they believe in? I’m sure most of the squad have been corralled into believing the black fist is a peaceful sign of anti-racism. It makes them look either of two things. Racist, or naive. I’m certain most of them young guys are naive, they earn a lot of money and they don’t want to upset the applecart. They have a right to express their own political views, but I would suggest not during an event payed for by spectators who have varying views. If a player came out with a Nazi salute saying it was for anti white racism, I’m sure you’d be so casual about it?
  6. Ohh, we have a hitman in our midst. It’s a good job I’m not easily offended by threats isn’t it?
  7. Ever heard of a meme? I guess they are far to offensive for your brain...
  8. You’re Scottish and have no education about Scottish clans? Very bizarre
  9. This type of common sense will get you banned don’t you know...
  10. You think all black people think alike? That’s a pretty racist point of view..
  11. It’s all about the feels theses days. I guess if your feelings are hurt then I must be banned....
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