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*** RM Erskine Fund - THE SEASON IS OVER. HOW DID WE DO???

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On 5/13/2018 at 21:52, jamess said:

Excellent news. Always casualties in a war.....hopefully you will keep them to a minimum.:bangbang:


On 5/14/2018 at 15:44, Bears r us said:

A cunning new plan GB, let's go. :dance:


22 hours ago, Sweettartangirl said:

What's the cunning plan?? I'm all eyes! 



You'll be surprised to hear that it's not a plan to squeeze more donations out of Members.  Somewhat the reverse in fact!

You could hang a tail on this plan and call it a weasel, which means that I won't be revealing any of it here. :p:

It will be strictly need-to-know, members only. :sherlock:


Don't worry, you'll get your updates when the time is right.  :tu:


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7 hours ago, govanblue said:

Oh here's an update for you though:

RangersMedia Erskine Fund have renewed their 4 Erskine and 4 Combat Stress Season Tickets. :rangers:

Club1872 have renewed their 4 Erskine Season Tickets. :rangers:

Rangers FC Have renewed their 2 Erskine Season tickets. :rangers:


So Let's Go, as they say! :rangers:



Well that's a list of money well spent.  Over to us all to keep the funds coming in. :bow:

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