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  1. Email your suggestion to the club mate
  2. They’re apparently still after that Davies that went to Liverpool and considering they wanted him at the start of the year, that probably won’t be his signing
  3. Sakala refused to travel down for this again so the club had to plead with Blackpool to find us a way out of it to avoid further embarrassment - hence the ‘Covid outbreak’ guy won’t make it here
  4. Why have you missed 14 months whilst the rest of us have been partying it up in Ibrox?
  5. @esquire8im sure said about the problems but I might be wrong so fuck knows mate
  6. Would bet any money that those two are not married to one another
  7. Hearing from sources that there’s work permit issues
  8. Stop talking to yourself weirdo
  9. My patter today has been fairly horrendous
  10. Saka dropped after his penalty miss
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