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  1. If he’s getting bullied like that then he won’t do well up here considering that’s the type of striker the majority of teams up here use. Don’t agree with the whipping boy comments others are making, I think people are merely pointing out that he has to really improve if he’s going to be a part of this team
  2. Pm @Blue Avenger but he probably won’t reply
  3. What’s the random noises in this 😂 sounds like a fart at first then sounds like a wean greeting
  4. You’ve never taken a penalty in the professional game so you don’t get to judge whether a player deserves to take it or not
  5. I never really took notice of him on here tbh. I commented on stuff recently because the things he hit out with were moronic 😂 as a result of people giving Callum Davidson a bit of praise, BA started banging on about how those folk must want Gerrard sacked and replaced with Davidson - just one example
  6. Within the last 90minutes I think, made a comment a while back which has been brought to the attention of admin and he’s been punted.
  7. He’s just been banned and he’s found a way to get back onto the forum. He’s not even tried to hide it. Shameful done well to get his rep up that quickly tbf
  8. Think of your families folks - the loved ones that couldn’t be here and never got to see us win 55, that watched the club get battered by Scottish football and chucked down the leagues. Think of the family members that are still here, the ones that you grab and share all your emotion with through the highs of supporting this club, and greet with through the shite days. Could add so much more to this but the point is don’t think of your families and have any fear of this pishy virus, it’s a celebration and families should do it together where possible! Thanks for reading x
  9. Ali McCann just reminded me of this guy
  10. Thanks William, just some lighthearted banter to lead us upto the game, Shirley will be back next season raring to go
  11. Aribo at left back, basseys days must be numbered
  12. So because people believe he’s done a good job, they want him to replace Gerrard? 😂😂😂😂😂
  13. You are an absolute trumpet, what were you correct about? edit- in fact don’t answer, you’re an absolute moron, people said if Davidson had won it then he deserved it for the job he’s done, and you took that as those people wanting him as manager. Clown
  14. Andy firth is the guy in those videos
  15. Patterson and bassey will have the group on unread, they’ll have their own wee party chat
  16. It’s Scottish water, not sure whether it’d be them or the council that decide when work starts
  17. Hopefully they’re working a bit harder to fire stuff out for the weekend mate 👍🏻
  18. Give the guys a chance mate we’re only just by with the first week in may 😯
  19. @Lord Lockinapparently broke into the ground and showed this gif to Brown, that’s why he’s offended
  20. I’m sure in the last thread half the forum wanted you banned because you are an absolute fud
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