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  1. Think Griffiths’ brother had said something on Twitter so folk thought he was away but I’m sure he’s still there
  2. Should put him in nets instead of Marshall - no joke
  3. @G.E.C. someone trying to steal your thunder
  4. Surely the opposite, thought that only happened when he scored?
  5. Ramsay allergic to scoring goals
  6. Can’t have commentators getting it tight for saying ‘camera’ and letting you away with this
  7. Keep your sex life out of this thread please mate 👍🏻
  8. Literally no reason not to allow more in other than just being controlling cunts. frustrating as fuck
  9. 500 to 2000 is absolutely pathetic
  10. Cameraman walked backwards into the wee stand that that holds the match ball as the teams came out 😂
  11. I’m up in the club deck (at the front). Ridiculous amount of steps and expensive but the view makes it all worthwhile for me 👍🏻😁
  12. Youll get a few days notice about payment coming out mate but once you’re signed up that’s it, need to take it. Better being signed up and if you can’t go then just hope you can sell it
  13. Also have to ask this, where are you sitting right now?
  14. Was hoping for a more specific answer such as at the couch, or the dining table. Trying to get an image of what other posters are upto at certain times
  15. 45,000 fans allowed in at the semis?
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