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  1. Doubt this deal will be costing them anything
  2. His name rhymes, someone get him the tickets
  3. You can have mygers without a season ticket so surely it’ll be cccs with mygers, then cccs and In the unlikely scenario of tickets being left then it goes to mygers fuck knows though
  4. I take it your wife is called Janice? Makes sense now
  5. Gerrard must’ve came in here and seen this, and got straight on the blower to the guys at the top. Well done worm man
  6. Would rather our players avoided gear, would end up with them getting banned from football no matter how good the ‘stuff’ is
  7. Deals apparently already offered to the players so what more do you want?
  8. The poster you’re ignoring is doing it fairly, you clearly just don’t have the answers
  9. He responds to the stuff he says isn’t worthy of responding to and ignores posts like this
  10. Aye so he’s happy, which goes against the original point you made
  11. Thanks, have a great day 😂
  12. So have I made my quote up or not? Did he or did he not say that his stay here goes on and he’s happy here?
  13. Aye and I gave you a quote which you seem to think I’ve made up. We’ve seen before how news stories from abroad are blown out of proportion, we know he wants a move and this has been the case for ages but it’s not happened yet and he’s happy.
  14. You’ve ignored other posters when they’ve given you decent debate, could go back through the thread and get them for you if you’ve just missed them
  15. Aye ok you just stick to your Colombian news stories
  16. What did I say that was dishonest? 😂😂😂
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