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  1. Aye but the Ranjurs are skint!
  2. Another one of these squeaky cunts 😭
  3. Can you even imagine pitching this job to potential candidates? "You need to totally rebuild the team and you've got £7.50p to do it. You've got to win TIAR and see if you dont, you'll be getting chased on a bus by the 'fans' carrying sharks, Interested?......"
  4. Steve Clarke, pumped out of the Euros, joins celtic in July, pumped out of the CL qualifiers. The scenes!
  5. Aya Benda will leave a top prem team that's competing in Europe to come back and manage that pile of shite
  6. Three things need to happen for us to get the automatic CL spot in 2022: 1. We need to keep 11th place in the rankings, to do this we will need to match the points gained by the Ukrainians in this round and beyond 2. We need the winner of the CL this year to have already qualified via their league, only then will the automatic place drop to the 11th ranking country 3. We need to win the league next season
  7. This team are garbage, but we've let them back in. Get Roofe off and put Kent on.
  8. Honestly who cares if it was or wasnt a red. He didnt get sent off, so move on. Of course we all know the narrative that follows this "refs help Rangers bla bla bla". Over the course of the season you get some decisions for you, and some against. The last game at Easter Road we dropped points to an offside goal, and Morelos was subject to a couple of forearm smashes from Porteous. We won, dry your eyes.
  9. Great effort, I just spat my ramen everywhere watching that.
  10. Theres nothing wrong with pumping weans apart from morally
  11. 🤣🤣🤣 I cant take this much longer, I'm going to pish myself. "The Dubai trip has left a stain on celtic's reputation" The club is notorious for raping weans! A wee trip to Dubai pales into insignificance when it comes to reputations.
  12. Virgil Van Dike went to Dubai for rehab, Julien was doing vodka shots off Lennons bell end! It's no the same FFS!
  13. Everytime I hear one of these reptiles say "I'm heartbroken" I get a wee twitch in my pants.
  14. Parma99

    Ryan Kent

    Assisted both goals last week. Just didnt happen today. His confidence will come back but until it does, we need to rotate him. It's just a shame that we dont have many options on the bench right now.
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