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  1. Certainly the noise about not being able to play in front of 50,000 or cope with a team that presses us high and gets in our face is going to get louder.
  2. To win titles you need momentum, we haven't got going at any point this season. Starting games in a passive manner rather than on the front foot is killing us right now, more you see their opening goal from last night the worse it gets. Absolutely shocking passage of play and very similar to how we gave away the ball against St Mirren which led to the opening goal. Its been happening all season Malmo twice, Motherwell, Dundee Utd plus many more unpunished errors.
  3. Tactics are lost with Kent to lead the press up front. Relying on Hagi (zero pace) Roofe (see Hagi comment) and Aribo to press up front and Alfie just looks like he cant be bothered to press at all. Once the opposition get beyond the front press, guys like Lundstram and Davis dont have real energy to get around the midfield and close down space and our defence look like they are just one touch away from making a mistake. He needs Kent and Jack back in the side ASAP, also would consider Sakala before Roofe purely to utilize his pace to lead the line. He may not be the most technical but if he started running channels and stretched the opposition back four we might get more space in the middle.
  4. Actually feel for Sakala, he came here with a bit of a fanfare, comments from Gerrard about him being an exciting player and the fact we were linked with him for about six months before he actually arrived, perhaps raised expectations. He hasn't started too many games and when he has come onto the pitch its usually when we are struggling and looking to get back into a game or get a another to kill it off. That coupled with the fact that we play so slowly thru the midfield and lack player who can make a defence splitting pass, he doesn't really get the opportunity to use his pace which is ultimately is his biggest asset.
  5. You could sit and write a long comment about lack of heart passion desire and fight or you could be a bit like the players and management team tonight and just write blah blah blah. See you next game for more of the same. Onto the press conference of pre planned questions by the in house media team, no real searching questions of why we are so disjointed and lacking the ability of scoring a goal from open play, if it wasn't for set plays this season we would be in serious trouble.
  6. Cant believe we haven't seen more changes, is he honestly standing there thinking this is going alright !!
  7. Games just fizzled out almost from the point Morelos scored. As team they just look unable to lift themselves to put anything like a performance together. Serious questions have got to be asked of the management team as what happening behind closed doors, 20 odd games into the season and apart from 45 minutes against Hearts I cant recall anything close to last seasons intensity.
  8. The lack of improvement in the second half is a major concern. Nobody looks like they want to standup and be counted, far to many easy passes being made.
  9. Total lack of urgency to imposed our game onto the opposition is killing us this season. We are starting every game with players always wanting another touch or another side wards/backwards pass then a big hoof up the park. Where's the quick passing, running off the ball looking and look to pull defenders out of position and allow midfield runners to get into space. None of this is happening.
  10. Somebody has to actually run with the ball to try and break the lines of defence.
  11. should sub Tav for Patterson right now, his head is up his arse right now.
  12. Fantastic achievement to get 100 goals. If you look at the way he plays now compared to say a couple of seasons ago, he drops deeper and stays more central. Prior to that he was good at running into the channels and getting one on one with a defender then using his power to create a shot at goal. If he starts to mix it up and do a bit of both he will get the move he wants and we will pocket a decent fee.
  13. You can dress this game up all you want but that was a horrendous performance. Poor play throughout. Midfield wise I would love to see the passing stats. Especially those over two meters, so many misplaced, so many unforced errors. Hanging on in extra time against ten men. Three points is great and some would argue we played better last week and dropped points. But we are so slack through the middle of the park at the moment.
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