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  1. Please someone put that in 😂
  2. The press got a reaction in Larkhall to him signing, it was on national BBC news all over UK. Know a guy from Burnbank who has never been back and his old man chucked it as well.
  3. Few fans at Liverpool game and clive tyldesley doing commentary on amazon.
  4. What is going on over at the Copenhagen fans? Snp cops trying to arrest the whole team 😂 faces on them they are gutted and studio saying don't blame them for celebrating aye no bother fuds see ya 🥳
  5. Turn the lights on for the last dance
  6. COD WAW or MW2 re-mastered next year then to keep the sales figures up.
  7. I played it this morning got to level 12 so now have m4 and uav block its game on now best player in team most games. Wee idiots doing jumps makes me laugh as they get shot to pieces there is going to be some moaning from 1st time players. Game is great and I am enjoying it only play hard-core modes so juggernauts are pretty useless. Only big change I have noticed is smoke is shite now looks like someone blowing a cig and lasts for 3 seconds old game it was great on s & d
  8. Just shows how many people bought it for cod mw 40gb download cunts still not trying robot shitty cod
  9. Yes might be able to mwr next year it's like dial up days
  10. Good off to buy wonder if all the old rmed clan will be on again
  11. Is it that bad what's changed or is usual nostalgia playing tricks with memory
  12. saved you a few times ACE and planted the bomb after you dropped it good times, uav you can block with a perk and Juggernaut was useless on Hardcore (hopefully still is) especially if you use stopping power.
  13. Does it still have hardcore S&D and TDM? Going to get this today + beer and relive the time when I was half decent at COD.
  14. barkie


    Because in the ps3 days it was default L1 aim R1 fire
  15. barkie


    I have to noticed you can't change the buttons to L1 scope and R1 fire in the game options but someone has just told me you can through PS4 settings on the PS4 main menu.
  16. barkie


    Oh no just made the mistake of looking at PS4 gameplay on youtube, reminds me a bit of COD WAW, going to have to buy this now.
  17. more space shite with robots and lasers pish. Hope MW has millions of players, might get new version of COD:WAW
  18. Going to be a lot of people crying who didn't play MP the first time round. 2 x claymores in MP matches and no way of detecting them if they use the right perks and a silencer a campers dream. Looking forward to playing it again, all the remaing MP maps are coming out at xmas free of charge seemingly.
  19. barkie

    No Mans Sky

    Rebel Galaxy is better, It's like the old game Freelancer on the PC. and it was free with PS+ last month.
  20. barkie


    Sounds good YouTube footage looks good no run and gun
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