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  1. From Chessington Chesney "that second half was brutal, took a pals wee boy to his first celtic game tonight,,,,,,,scarredforlife csc. "
  2. lol ive been keepin quiet! u miss me :P lol howz things?

  3. Looks like I'll be making do with being kept up to date on here! Don't have Sky, don't want to pay, and don't want to download Sopcast or TVants (or anything!). Oh well.
  4. Planning on watching this in Annie Miller's, not been down there for ages, is it still there and do they have Sky?
  5. You'd rather we lost to rid of Burley and get Souness? You'd rather change a manager than win?! Absolutely ridiculous! I honestly think that a flukey result against a poor outfit on saturday and wha...blah blah blah God bless the internet.
  6. Losing to Norway and Macedonia killed it for us. If we somehow manage to get a result I'll be amazed. All the best!
  7. Bkay you better pump someone within the month or I lose the pool! PS. camel sex > Debbie
  8. I know, I know. Its less of a cunt to get home from though! Just up the hill! worst excuse ever!!! That type of laziness would make a tim proud!! sitting your arse on a train for 22 mins is not difficult!! I agree, that's a pish poor excuse to go to the Pally Bongo instead! He seems more of a Hamilton Accie fan! Seems nothing! I outed myself long ago! Can't beat the Rangers banter though! and poon
  9. I know, I know. Its less of a cunt to get home from though! Just up the hill!
  10. Still hopeful of attending. Its either this or the Hamilton Palace !
  11. I know shes argentinian Oooft. she'd be immense in bed just for that. Shame she is about 4 years underage! I thought it was gonna be a milf room!
  12. :lol: get it up him Thats all he says! He's like a hacked kids toy with a draw string!
  13. WOMEN AND FOOTBALL DON'T MIX. 2 words. Fuck off Women at the footy is brilliant, especially in the SPL where theres fuck all else to watch!
  14. Away to Killie that day but I might show up after it for a wee sing song!
  15. Haha very ture xx

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