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  1. you haven't seen Dutch football then! Or Portuguese! Leiria are without a doubt one of the most boring, frustrating and annoying teams i've ever watched, closely followed by Maritimo's attacking line. Constant diving and cheating to try win free kicks that they end up blasting into the wall anyway!
  2. Makes it even better when we win the league and they've built up their hopes thanks to the new messiah.
  3. Andy Scott at Alloa. I've been revisiting my youth there by going when we play on other days. Still better than some of the pish we'd had to put up with over the years, even at that level. I'm actually surprised at some of the technique some of them have!
  4. His book has some of the funniest ghostwriting i've ever seen. “Some nights, I even dared to pick up the phone and order food. When it turned up, it was nearly always what I wanted. When we were in hotels preparing for games I watched films in English with the subtitles on. The other thing I always carried with me was ‘English Training’ on my Nintendo DS - language games and exercises that helped me develop my English. “I was terrified at the prospect of having to have a conversation on the phone. Imagine how much worse it is when that conversation is with the fire service! My smoke alarm ke
  5. No. I'd be confident knowing that if they were after me there would be teams elsewhere (Championship for a start) that were too.
  6. I remember watching this on tv. Took it all for granted back then!
  7. Fantastic. RM has a bit of everything these days!
  9. This reminds me of the time you tried the Jeff Stelling drinking game. Except not as funny.
  10. Every Falkirk fan I know (which is a bit since i'm from there!) doesn't rate him at all, but anytime he's played us he stands out as their best player. Really knows how to drag defenders around to me. Seemed especially capable the last game at Ibrox there when he was playing as a central mid. So many times if the quality had been better from the other players he was in prime position!
  11. The 4-3-3 we played pre-season was impressive on the eye. But we're 10 points clear with the 4-4-2...
  12. Juno

    Viva Pierre!

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  13. Compensation to buy tons of hookers to ease him through.
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