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  1. So much better than our usual play along the back and let the opposition get set to defend than eventually get the ball wide for the cross to packed defence. The through balls tonight were superb and we really should have scored 5 or 6. The last 25 minutes were horrible sitting back deep again and giving up the pressing game. Lack of fitness or fear? Overall a great result and a better system and movement.
  2. Failure to strengthen the squad has been a problem; we had enough dross without bringing in more like we have done in the last two windows. Sakala apart I do not see any of those who could improve or make a difference in games. I appreciate that we had no money but these signings are more waste of wages.
  3. Have not seen the match and do not want to but wondering if our problem is arrogance, complacency or bottle. The way we have been playing this season meant this result was more than possible and also a real thrashing is on the table. Our defending has been frightening and midfield do not deem to want to pressure opponents our put effort in to protect the back four. About bottle; 3 seasons ago we were in a good position until the business end of the season at the restart after the break, same story 2 seasons ago. Last season Celtic imploded and we had no real challenge for the league and our play was brilliant, fast tempo, movement and flowing passing until one off cup games where opponents had nothing to lose and were more competitive and our team lost penetration and the idea of how to defend. For me the pressure of actually being title winners has got them back to panic merchants again.
  4. True but I think that this has been the way our goalies have been coached through the years.
  5. It seems to be a tactic for our goalies over the years; Goram,Klos and McGregor would usually stay on their goal line at corners.
  6. Lawrence Marlborough wanted shot of the club and bankrolled David Holmes to make it successful enough to punt. He brought in Souness and the big stars that turned the club round.
  7. Terrible football,some really awful players, poor manager had a lot to do with crowds but there also stadium redevelopment had altered habits and attendances. The club had lost identity to a large extent, no longer a Rolls Royce club recruiting the best players but it seemed to me anyone who scored against us or had o great one off performance was signed in panic.
  8. A Aware of that, I was not arguing against Gio. B Little knowledge or experience of the Scottish league or game in the past 20 odd years.
  9. I will just add a few thoughts; our record of ex Rangers players back as managers is not good since Willie Waddell. Never thought GVB was all that committed to Rangers before. Why do we need a Scottish assistant/someone who knows the league when we did not need one under Gerrard? We do need someone who has been a winner as a player or as a manager not someone who has had a couple of good results.
  10. Apart from money I do not see the upside of going to Villa; cannot see Villa as a top six side ever, a cup winning side ever. Good chance of damaging his reputation and future big club move.
  11. The problem with this is I assume tv money is included which skews any comparison with Rangers or any Scottish club; Hundreds of millions a year compared with a few million for SPFL champions.
  12. The problem as I saw it was that by continually passing to the opposition we could not build our play and actually did their work for them in building their attacks. Our passing success in the first half was horrendous.
  13. We will have to introduce training sessions with a ball because most of the Brondby chances were down us setting them up either by passing to them or from giving them corners.
  14. No the dig was about last week AND PREVIOUS WEEKS. If he cannot play regularly because of tiredness then he should be the back up keeper. I still think he is a far superior keeper to McLaughlin but changing keepers every second game is detrimental.
  15. I take it that McGregor is rested enough and recovered from the exhausting experience of dealing with a few pass backs against Brondby.
  16. I have never seen the young guy playing but he can surely be no worse than Sakarya who I have seen duck out of heading crosses and has a shot like a pass back. We really need options in our match day squad because what we bring on is not good enough.
  17. Why not go 2-5-3, 2-1-4-3? It does not matter if players do not tackle, do not press, do not run, do not pass forward and sleep walk through games.
  18. I would not trust Wilson to identify any talented player.
  19. Has to that way since our midfield are so slow in making forward passes that our strikers have to come to the ball since they know their runs will be a waste of energy just like post Dubai.
  20. We all have had laughs at the weird MOM announcements.
  21. Is he though? He is a player who played for a team who usually had less than 30% possession, who sat back in number to stifle teams rather than high press. I have never reckoned he would be a fit and it only takes one player to ruin a pressing game.
  22. The problem is what is available. The old adage is strengthening when on top but we have not. The signing fro January onwards have not strengthened the squad and there is little on the bench to give hope that games can be changed. But the mystery for me is why there is no pressing, little or no attempt to win lost possession, why the pedestrian pace and reluctance to pass forward or pass quickly.
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