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  1. My apologies, used the wrong word. Was late and after a few drinks, no excuse though.
  2. Lifted from Gersnet. Originally Posted by ian1964 Did you have a relationship with Charles pre-dating Rangers? ''No, I didn't know any of them.'' Really Craig? "I met Charles Green a while ago and we have a few common contacts," said Mather. "He put the idea to me, and I've always been a lover of football. "I've been to a number of the Old Firm clashes and I remember going there as a younger boy and having goosebumps listening to the roar, and I couldn't imagine that it would never happen again. "That was how it started. I had various meeting with Charles and the team and had a look at the
  3. What utter nonsense, the guys behind the Founder/ Gallant Pioneers have done a magnificent job over the last few years. Funny that the VB found it nescessary to but in, why not give info etc. to Gallant Pioneers? Self seeking publicists IMO.
  4. Don't see any problem with this as long it does not deteriorate like last Remembrance Day which became a bit xenophobic. Some of our fans e.g. UB cannot help but try and and make political points.
  5. Why would any Rangers fan protect a Rangers hater?
  6. http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/162271091
  7. We do not require any more players on the contrary we should get rid of some if possible.
  8. Why? Just why, this is madness if true. We don't need him and we certainly don't need the expense.
  9. "On that note, it has been reported that Jim McColl has four shares in the club but it appears that neither this shareholding, nor any by Paul Mini Murray and Frank Blin can be found in the shareholder register under their own names. I am not entirely sure but if these gentlemen have no shareholding in Rangers then they have no right to sign a document calling for an EGM, I believe." Where can one see this list of all shareholders?
  10. As has been said you don't need to read their blogs, and most times you will not be missing anything. McMurdo was first to tell us that Jack Irvine was back on the payroll though.
  11. Aye the guy who paid over his cash thinking he actually owned the shares, not a poster on here i.e. the invisible man.
  12. Even IF they buy all Greens shares the Easdales will have nowhere near a majority of the Rangers shares. I believe they have first option on Greens shares does not mean they will buy all.
  13. Calm down. Who did I call thick? The invisible man? Yet The Beast calls a fellow poster thick and that's ok, hypocrites on here.
  14. Yes it is on here at times, one rule for some different for others according to the clique viewpoint.
  15. You are right you could not make it up. I call an unnamed guy thick and the usual gang get all upset, The Beast calls another RM poster thick and guess what all the offended gang say nothing. Hypocrites !
  16. At the time it was reported on FF and Gersnet (also RM?) that Andy Smillie paid for the banners. Nobody denied it at the time.
  17. Watch out the "thick polis" will be on your case any minute now, if they have principles and are consistent that is.
  18. I do not suffer from paranoia but even if you are correct, they are Rangers fans just like you and me.
  19. I thought this forum was for all Rangers fans, seems you don't think that way.
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