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  1. any tips for defending this year? i'm fucking awful at it.. opposition just seem to run past me and they look like scoring with every attack
  2. more chance of that tranny laxalt pumping Eilidh Barbour
  3. easy team to pick right now with the injuries, should dominate them again, i think motherwell have one of the weakest midfields in the league right now
  4. i don't think their has ever been a player that has moved from the prem to scotland and has been shown up as much as Duffy, everything he seems to touch just turns to shit, the ball wasn't even going in tonight and he cleared it and put it on a plate to nesbit even when Burnley got promoted and Barton came here it wasn't as calamitous as Duffy, he was gone quick enough without playing many games but the Oaf keeps coming into the side and making fuck up after fuck up
  5. Cheers pal, if anyone with a big following on twitter could tweet the go fund me link that would be a big help
  6. Just an appeal really to any bears who knows what we want through for years to contribute a small donation to Chester FC my local club (currently in the English Conference) who have been mismanaged and put through the dirt like we were by chances and complete charlatans, Chester need to raise at least £50,000 in the short term. If anyone knows anyone or any tips to raise money then feel free to post in here and I'll be sure to relay any gold ideas to people involved with the club, Donate here anything is appreciated and welcomed and sharing the link on Facebook and Twi
  7. Only large and Extra large available in home kit now and third kit has been completely sold out from the looks of it
  8. Just noticed he is shortening into 4/1 in a couple of places
  9. Did not deserve to be on the losing team today, he did his job and then some but most of the outfield players let him down massively.
  10. clearly not all there in the head to go out of the house wearing those shorts, the special soul.
  11. As a Pro Footballer being a role model to kids and having to set the standards for our club its a credit that Kenny walked away from this scumbag and let him embarrass himself on camera
  12. 1st season back in the top flight was always going to be a massive challenge. The aim of course should always be 1st at this club but at the same time I fully understand that those lot have CL football and can spend several million on players and right now they are the better team but do I believe that will last long and they will dominate Scottish football? No because I trust Warburton's judgement in youth players and how will they progress. All you have to do is look at that Brentford team and see how well they are playing this as his legacy lives down there. (just wish he didn't take Macleo
  13. don't think there is to much between Wes and Gilks, from what I have seen from Gilks so far (yeah he plays only lower league teams I know) but he is a quality experienced keeper who has played at the top level, wouldn't be against him starting.
  14. think Gilks has started the last 3/4 cup games, but Fod did start in the Motherwell game.
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