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  1. We are running 4 buses which are now full. Pm me contact details will get in touch if we have any cancellations. Alternatively an Uber between 4 will cost around 45 euros. Or there is a regular train service for around £7.
  2. For any bears heading to Portugal next month. Praca de Republica is the main square in the city. We are taking over Cafe Astoria located on the square usual music set up with drink promos etc. Will be running our event Mon evening all day Tues and Wed https://www.facebook.com/gersaway/ https://www.facebook.com/events/2597184297074574/
  3. We have organised a couple of venues on Dam square for a fan bash and will be running a return executive coach transfer from Amsterdam to De Kuip. Limited tickets for transfer available through ticket-tailor link. The fans bash on the Wed/Thurs is free entry. Match will be shown live for bears who don't manage to secure a ticket and are staying in Amsterdam. Event - FREE ENTRY https://www.facebook.com/events/394986697850036/ Coach Transfer info - Booking link -- NOW SOLD OUT http://buytickets.at/gersaway/305631
  4. Info attached on poster with events hosted with the Lux True Blues!
  5. Sterling mate. Make sure English notes as they tend to refuse Scottish ones.
  6. For any bears heading out to Gibraltar next week.
  7. RSEA were never involved in the event from when it was organised. Its no surprise Dingwall has taken the huff as he is getting no direct financial benefit or input into the event. As for the event being some sort of pro SNP night I can categorically state this is not the case.
  8. Statement from organisers - Contrary to the rumour mill WATP Sessions is not a pro independence supporting event. The original aim was and still is to promote old, current and new songs purely for the love of the team and the players. We understand that there have been a lot of concerns about one of the performers and his political allegiance. While we don't agree with the politcal views of David, he is a great musician who loves the bears and this was the only reason he was put forward. We are not deaf to our support. It has been agreed that David Mairs will not be playing on the night. WATP
  9. The song although not being performed live is part of DJ playlist
  10. Well over that number now not bad for being on sale 72 hours.
  11. The club anthem will be performed! Sounds amazing
  12. The night is based around live music and Rangers songs, interesting how you would class that as fucking garbage. Non political night so don't know why you thing its going to be some sort of SNP rally.
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