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  1. This guy is having his own wee meltdown 😂
  2. That and that there is no covid it's all political. Absolute meltdown
  3. Hope there's a clip of lennons interview and it wasn't just over a phone lol
  4. 😂 what a mess Lennons 1 draw off a sectioning
  5. Need to sort out some life insurance as i'm not sure i will survive 😂 With all the restrictions it's probably fair to expect some serious breaches on that day
  6. Even if tims win this one they are still brutal to watch
  7. Livi unlucky not to get something. Duffy is an absolute bombscare 😂
  8. Putting a funny price so retards pay almost £17 for a £5 flag 😂
  9. Expecting a huge shock today 1-0 celtic
  10. Gives me the fear. Never in my life have i celebrated a title until it was actually won.
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