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  1. 4 tops the players will wear but I'm guessing we will see some retro ones as promised a few months back too
  2. Free name, number and sleeve badge as well. You would think we could at least match it
  3. Shop for me too. See how much I didn't plan on buying i come away with 😂
  4. Hope i'm wrong but i'm guessing they don't have supply to cope with everyone yet and are going for a soft launch first then releasing batches the same as last year.
  5. Seen a lot of shite on this site but slagging costco cakes deserves a ban imo.
  6. Chance to see my home town team play the famous. Looking forward to it.
  7. That chocolate bar was the bench mark used for how much money our fan base is willing to throw at literally anything with the badge.
  8. That is shocking. They clearly don't care either if it's the image used for a close up 🙈
  9. Selling out already. It should be in stock until at least Christmas not 10 mins after launch ffs
  10. Had this kit as a boy. One of my favourites
  11. Mental to think England were one of the favourites for this tournament
  12. England might as well use the game against scotland to rest key players.
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