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  1. With virgin you can just use the chat function on the virgin website. They let me sign up and cancel during the same chat to make sure it was only the month i got charged for. Shite channel though.
  2. Looks superb. Another nice story and piece of memorabilia to look back on in years to come.
  3. Shite banter but clearly wound the guy up which is all we needed so fairplay.
  4. Really good news. Here for 57 🏆
  5. Normally wouldn't hope we hammer a smaller team but Hartley being their manager makes it easy to hope they get hit for as many as possible.
  6. Maybe posted elsewhere but i saw this in Costco today
  7. Weirdest bunch going. They really are embarrassing themselves. Won't hold my breath on UEFA action
  8. Enjoyed that, I could listen to him talk all day he always comes across as the complete professional.
  9. Pathetic. Guys like that just crave the attention posting stupid stuff like this gets regardless of the consequences.
  10. Sounds good! Can also see a lot signing up to myGers just to get the exclusive items etc it will probably offer this year.
  11. I read we were looking at 2 players there but it could just be Juan.
  12. Good idea as long as people can be trusted not to share personal info
  13. They have absolutely shat it. Realised they are wrong and have wee nazi fans and now have to bend over for uefa.
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