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  1. Hamilton starters suspended for Saturday aswell so a really weakened team that is already poor. Few goals shared around the team anyone ?
  2. Would be a huge boost if we signed him really soon with Celtic dropping points tonight. Good chance they could drop more at the weekend also.
  3. Crocker mentioned Goodwillie scoring for DU, then said subject to a bid from Rangers. Any new news or is he talking about the one we had rejected ?
  4. Cheating bastard. Walker again being blatantly biased. IT'S A CONSPIRACY !!
  5. Anyone or anything except themselves.
  6. Awwwww ffs. N shutup Walker ya wanker.
  7. Tbh I don't know if I'm dreaming or not.
  8. Really hope they release a dosier on how referees are against them the laughs I will have at work reading the paper in the next few days if they did would make it worth goin to work
  9. He makes his own offside rules. Like Chuck Norris.
  10. Is this the same referee the is an RE Teacher in a RC school that the manky mob are singing about ?
  11. Can't Andy Walker accept the fact that the goal has stood ? Honestly man the amount of times we've already heard a comment on the official mking decisions and how he interfeared with play. Get a grip you bitter bastard your supposed to be a commentator during the 90 minutes not a fan.
  12. On a serious note though, if it finishes 1-0 I can't wait for Lennons interview.
  13. No, I agree he is a prick. Though he wanted everyone to react, knowing it was alot of shit. So he's not going to post that he got it wrong.
  14. He didn't get it wrong, this is what he wanted to happen everyone just falls for it
  15. Fair play to him, I done it today in work.
  16. I said that minutes ago, you should be chopped
  17. He's said it before fs :lol look at his posts.
  18. I'm not 100% sure so don't fully trust mehere but season ticket holders on the CCCS may get the opportunity to to get there seat before other season ticket holders do because it's not a game inclueded in your season ticket then season ticket holders should get a hance to purhase a ticket once they have been dished out to ones on the CCCS.
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