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  1. McGregor. 

    The amount of times this season he has pulled a save out of the top drawer then we go up the other end of the park and go a goal up.

    Not only is he a quality keeper he has that winning mentality and if he's not happy he will let you know about it and that's hard to replace.

    Think he's the closest we have to a genuine world class player in our entire squad.

  2. 1 minute ago, Jakes Pal said:

    I know that it will not happen, but how good would it be if the Club were to give the Snatzis the finger and tell the supporters to get out there and party like it's 1999?

    Mind you, the Club will not have to, the fact that Nippy & crew are demanding we keep off the streets is the single biggest incentive for us to get out there tto celebrate.

    Hope George square is a sea of union flags on Saturday just to rub it in her face even more.

  3. 1 hour ago, graeme_4 said:

    Scott Brown never won an OF pre-2012, couldn’t even get in their team at CM. 

    Swaggered about against the SPFL dross, and the likes Jason Holt and Josh Windass for us. As soon as he had a half decent challenge he’s been lost.

    Embarrassing performance from him on Sunday. Kent, Davis, Morelos and Kamara making him look like the carthorse he is. 

    Mr ‘greatest captain since McNeil’ has an OF win record of under 50% despite all the advantages handed to them. 

    Even the tarriers on the phone in tonight were saying he was embarrassing on Sunday. He's just lucky he never had to battle against a prime Barry ferguson

  4. 32 minutes ago, Scottywellhousetb said:

    Ended up a decent day at work, tarriers were absolutely fucking fuming, spent most of the afternoon laughing and pointing at them, not working when playing them again though, I know I said earlier I was struggling to get up for this one but not knowing what was happening was fucking torture. 

    I was away buying furniture for my new gaff today and got home at half time. Had recorded the game but turned my phone off at 12 so I didn't get messages off my mates. Was fucking horrible not knowing the actual score until I caught up 😂

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