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  1. Started a new game with Rangers. Gave myself £10m. Brought in: Jeffrey Bruma (loan), David Goodwillie, Jordi Gomez (loan), Craig Conway, Roland Juhasz, Kaspar Gorkss and Alan Smith. Didn't let anyone leave. Fleck was about to leave for Arsenal for £2m in the first month, I was about to accept to let him join after talks had been agreed, then I just cancelled and hoped he done the job for me on the field. He's currently played 6 games as Striker and scored 4.
  2. Through to the League Cup Final with Hibs. Was drawing 1-1 then scored 4 in Extra Time
  3. It's not as fun as it used to be I agree with you on that point. But I think it's because the game has got more difficult in my opinion. I enjoy a challenge anyway.
  4. Not too bad... Playing Serbia in the Playoffs and shitting myself. Wish I got Bosnia&Herz because I'd rather play against Papac instead of Vidic
  5. Oh Flower of Scotland... It was only a friendly but I'm chuffed about this. Think I have a chance in the EURO's now because I've not been beaten in my Group Stage yet. Drew 1-1 with Spain and beat everyone else so far.
  6. Just beat St Johnstone 7-1, got the screenshot but don't know how to upload it. Can anyone help?
  7. Sorry for bothering you mate but how did you get that skin/background ?
  8. Love it you won't get a reply from him !
  9. How do you set-up a Football Manager Live season ?
  10. 3 points behind cel*ic and playing them next
  11. there u go >> http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=4174 theres hundreds of ones u can download like the BPL badges and kits
  12. How do you put the badge kits into the game because i just downloaded the european competition badges ?
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