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  1. Gareth Bale's manbun is a national embarrassment.
  2. Late decision to go to the pub for a few. Bottle of wine and home for kick off.
  3. What the fuck you doing in here mate?
  4. Bottas is having a stinker this season, fuelling rumours he's about to be replaced by George Russell.
  5. Just finished watching it on catch up. Couldn't stop laughing when Hamilton went straight off the track, what a complete fanny
  6. I don't want my money going to @ger4life_1872 mate, and I'm sure quite a few others on here would feel the same. Happy for my money to go to @plumbGER though.
  7. Forget the bathroom, let's see if we can get enough to buy Rab a new 6 bedroom house in Thorntonhall
  8. The King Billy Exhibition Centre.
  9. I don't know, but I just think we could've named it something a bit more exciting to reflect it's new purpose. Just sounds like an admin building. Feel bad for the new generation of kids destined to spend most of their childhood mispronouncing it as Edminston House. Long term we could probably attach a sponsors name to it.
  10. Minor point, but I would've called it something other than Edmiston House. Was never a great name.
  11. Will keep my powder dry until I've heard the quality of Bob Malcolm's jokes.
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