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  1. And there's no way he's being paid £2.4 million per year which some people are reporting. Lawwell is paying him nearly 50K per week? Not a chance.
  2. We've now had 1 year rolling, 1 year annual renewal and now fixed to 2023. I think this tells me that no one really knows
  3. I thought it was an annual renewal rather than a rolling year? Same point though, Lawwell will be probably be hoping he resigns or breaches his contract so he doesn't have to be paid off.
  4. Looks to me that Lawwell knows the season has gone and wants to avoid paying him off. Wants him to resign/find another job, but if not then happy to just run down his contract, announcing a new manager for the next season at the time of season ticket renewal. Lennon digging in and wanting paid off.
  5. Do we know the second player who contracted covid yet?
  6. No idea, but I get the feeling he's now holding out for a pay-off and Lawwell wants him to resign to save money.
  7. Might've already been mentioned, but rumour floating around that Lennon would be due £1.2 million if sacked, hence the stand-off.
  8. She could do a lot of things mate, but she's not going to cancel all sports just because of Neil Lennon having a meltdown or because of some spastic tarriers phoning into radio shows. Case numbers are on the decrease and watching elite sports/football are one of the few things keeping people's mental health together. Plus, it's an election year. You really think Scottish football will get shut down while football in England and everywhere else in the world continues?
  9. As long as football continues in England, it will continue in Scotland. Mad tarriers being mad won't make a difference.
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