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  1. Is it not the case that if it wasn't for the 3 foreigner rule we would've kept Woods and never signed Goram?
  2. Have to agree with this, Klos was terrible with the ball at his feet.
  3. Would need to just be done as a lottery. Any reasonable minded person would agree it's better to have some fans there than none at all, even if it means they personally miss out.
  4. Send him into the toilets at half time.
  5. Folk have been saying that for about 20 years, while the bubble gets bigger.
  6. @don logan Sort your boy out ffs.
  7. Whose Israeli brothers are we talking about exactly?
  8. First race I've watched in years (renewed interest after watching the Netflix series) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was never really up on the tactical side of it but now find that's one of the most interesting aspects. I did nod off for about 10 laps though at one point, just like the old BBC Grandstand days
  9. Nobody can compete with Harthill though. Was there last week and it looked like a Rangers themed tourist village.
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