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  1. Aye if you're a kafflic. My talk was this is your team and that's it. No jumping ship if you're no winning.
  2. I was given "the talk" as a kid and it stuck with me. It's Rangers and that's it. If I'm playing fives I'm still Goram. Min terms of other teams there are those I favour but to support others? No, it's just Rangers.
  3. The first thing I noticed was Boyd's hair ??
  4. Fucking hibsed it. Absolutely rancid. Those players haven't kicked their own arse in a month. Played the game like a pre season friendly. Pig fucking sick. Only we would gift hibs their first trophy in over a century. Fuck off ?
  5. I see Keatings cupping his ears at the Falkirk fans after the penalty. A straight red surely?
  6. All Sutton needs to do now is yell "COME ON HIBS!" to nail his colours to the mast. He's fucking spewing ? Absolute cunt of a pundit.
  7. Had a look on BT sport app. Says it all that they'd rather have the national league playoff on to ?
  8. Aye go on then. Count me in. This better no be a hairy chest
  9. YAAAAAS!! Taste the tucking tears ya tangerine tarrier bastards!
  10. I caught the end of it. What's got people so spooked?
  11. At what stage has he given people on here reasons to freak out? You know he's a non commital guy. He's been like that since day one with the press. He's professional in his approach. Stop all this "oh I can see it in him, he's leaving". You're letting the media win.
  12. Tomorrow's lazy bastard headline is Warbs will have said he's off in the summer and everyone's downed tools because of it. In all seriousness though, arses need kicked. Not good enough.
  13. Download the puffin browser mate then go to vipleague. That's what I'm doing
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