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  1. Any pubs in town showing this? Ideally Rangers friendly ones.
  2. Who told you? I take these “I’m hearing” things with as much salt (a fucking lot) as the rampant Lies on social media.
  3. We’d have lost a clean sheet at the end and an agg score this season of 4-3
  4. He’s also ours and not a loanee who clearly doesn’t give a fuck.
  5. Rangers should go in with a lawyer and try and change this. Candeias has done absolutely NOTHING wrong.
  6. Given that Scotland haven’t qualified for a tournament in 20 years that appetite has (rightly) taken a knock. But yeah I couldn’t give much of a fuck about international football.
  7. Anywhere in town showing this by any chance? I’m working till half 3 so gonna miss the first half at least.
  8. Yeah just not enough. The bursts of form at the end of the season were as infuriating as they were brilliant because you're sitting there thinking where's this been for the other 30 games?
  9. I'm not impressed with this along with some reasons above, he wasn't anything special first time around and returning players seldom work well.
  10. So Burke throws Kent to he ground in the first half after giving a foul. No booking. Morelos has a bit of off the ball in midfield. Booking. ?
  11. I thought it went out for a corner before they cleared it down the wing.
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