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  1. I like him as well, but he's a shadow of the player he was last season. He's back to looking how he was before that free kick against St Mirren.
  2. If this shower of shite can't motivate themselves to win these games and secure a cup final against a subpar celtic team, then they simply shouldn't be here. Whole defense is shocking. It's been clear all season Barisic is miles off it and Bassey should be first choice left back. Tav really does need stripped of the captain's armband. Not only is he failing to get a grip of the team, he's absolutely dreadful and it stops him getting dropped. Goldson is an absolute donkey and always has been, Helander covered him more times than I can remember last season. He can't commit to the team with a new contract so just drop him. Absolute sickener.
  3. Team of shitebags this season. Complete lack of desire and will to press players. Absolute shadow of the team last season.
  4. That's a nightmare, hopefully someone can make good use of it. Nice of you to offer it out for nothing as well
  5. Feel like Lundstram is our Duffy. Genuinely don't see what he's meant to be bringing to the team.
  6. The summer replaced our Dubai trip. Game is boring as anything.
  7. Not only that, but they've opted to put the picture of their goalkeeper in with his wounds from the Roofe challenge 😂 all the other pictures are clearly from a photoshoot and then there's one of him that's been taken on a couch or something... How embarrassing are they. Seems to be some competition for the title of Victim FC 😂
  8. Morelos pulling up during the warm up there holding his knee. That's all we need.
  9. Won't let me copy and paste the content from my phone.... but how predictable https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11787/12179379/celtic-police-scotland-investigating-sectarian-abuse-aimed-at-players-before-Rangers-defeat PR Machine in overdrive.
  10. Hope we put in a performance that would make those no longer with us proud. Emotional stuff there.
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