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  1. For the people who couldn't understand @B1872's post.
  2. Yeah I did check in the end, edited my post accordingly.
  3. Replace Morelos with Shankland 😬
  4. OhW


    Did you deliberately write Johnston to appear ignorant?
  5. Wouldn’t you still only be up £100 though? If it’s 100 for each goal
  6. Not a fancy name but I wanted us to sign James McArthur from Hamilton. When he and McCarthy went to Wigan, instead of us and the scum, it seemed like a damning indictment on the state of Scottish football.
  7. It’s a bit more understandable when I saw this: Also in the same 20-minute spell, Thompson said: "I think the referee's wife's in" and referred to a player as: "Being a bit of a drama queen... he'd have been better wearing a skirt."
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