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  1. I've turned $9 into $350 without doing much. Maybe 20 mins in total. With a bit of luck you could pull a card that's worth thousands. Better odds than a lottery ticket, and there seems to be zero chance of losing money as far as I can tell if you just buy packs. Don't knew the first thing about basketball either.
  2. They do sound like they serve quite a similar purpose: The crypto: "have a say in your club by participating in special events and surveys created for fans." MyGers: "access to exclusive discounts, competitions, gifts and experiences" It will be interesting to see how they work together. Like events/experiences. What is an event vs an experience? Will access be provided to both crypto holders and MyGers, or just one or the other? Not complaining in the slightest, just keen to see how they'll differ.
  3. If we done something like NBA Top Shot, we'd be absolutely fucking raking the cash in imo
  4. The fact that a good run in the Europa and winning the domestic league doesn't even pay the bills blows my mind. I appreciate we spend big for the league we're in, but it's still surprising that such a successful season isn't a profitable one. With all the money kicking about football at the very top levels, you think it'd be in their interest for it to trickle down just a little bit further than it does currently.
  5. Just a wee tip if you always forget to use smile: here's a Chrome extension that auto redirects you to smile every time you go to Amazon: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amazon-smile-redirect/ejglonclnjogoiegggjjcpapffbnangg/related?hl=en
  6. Magic mate thank you, I didn't think to try hes goal!
  7. Anyone got a steam link for the Mayweather fight? Thanks in advance!
  8. Watching some of it back today - we're brilliant to watch. So many great season long performances. Trying to pick a POTY was like trying to pick your favourite child. Although if Greegsy was your child he'd be the one sending you to your room 🤣
  9. Imo, the SNP absolutely loved the scenes they got on Saturday. Not just the fighting/littering/song book they're complaining about, but the fact it was all done in amongst a sea of Unionist symbols. The indy PR department are in overdrive making the case to the general public that being pro-Union means pissing on the pavement and brawling with cops. The push back from sensible Unionists (you'd like to think the quiet majority) has been incredibly tame and mostly reserved to twitter and this piece from @The Dude as far as I can see. It isn't a mainstream defence as far as the general publi
  10. The guy built his career on goading the opposition and acting the hard man. This is called karma.
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