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  1. fair do's. i have been dipping in and out.
  2. you would also have to exclude Hearts, Partick and Stranraer as these clubs also have self interest regarding relegation. And if you discount all the board votes then you have to discount ours as well. That takes 4 Yes votes out.
  3. SPL not officially called so Hearts are still up and DU not yet promoted
  4. Unless they counted Partick as already having been relegated and Raith up ?
  5. the scottish teams fall into 4 types: 1 - small community clubs, which includes most of the division 2 and 3 clubs plus the highland / lowland league and the juniors; they are used to operating on a very small budget, usually live within their means, have part time players on low wages and have local community support. i consider that most will be OK and some will benefit by replacing clubs higher up the pyramid. 2 - big, in scottish terms, professional teams; the top 6-8 with high overheads, wages as a significant % of income with big national or international sponsors. I would list Us, celtic, Aberdeen, St Johnstone, Hibs, Motherwell, Livingstone) These will be a case by case basis; they will need money in the bank or access to cash as loans or a relaxation of the FFP rules for investment. It will be squeaky bum time for a few, likely including us, and i think one of the six will go to the wall. 3 - project clubs with significant reliance on individuals / small groups (Partick, Dundee Utd, Cove Rangers maybe a few others) will depend on the willingness of the individuals and the effect the virus has on them personally. i think Cove will be fine, Partick are heading for death and Dundee Utd are 50/50, they should be OK if promotion goes ahead, if not then they are 75:25 against. 4 - teams who think they are bigger than they are or are leveraged, in debt, or struggling with small crowds and poor facilities anyway (the Caley Thistle, Ross County, Hearts, Dundee, Dunfermline, Kilmarnock, Albion, Cowdenbeath, maybe Morton etc). I think these clubs will struggle and we will see a number of them fold.
  6. Elaborate ? As far as i can tell, County have never beaten us. Hamilton have not taken a point off us since god knows when, Motherwell have had a couple of draws in recent years but are not a consistent side... shall i go on ?
  7. Ah come on.. County, Hamilton and Motherwell are gimmes; 9 easy away points. Livingstone and Hibs are straightforward so another 6 there, 4 at worst as Hibs may dig deep for a draw. Aberdeen will have a point to prove but they will also be scared after the Ibrox hammering... could be a win or a draw but we wont lose... minimum 14 from 18.
  8. 🙂 I may have to change my user name to redwhiteandcharles...
  9. they got the deer shit all lifted then ?
  10. I thought i had seen bad displays before but this is just horrendous. C'mon Scotland
  11. Please get McLeish sacked; an absolute dinosaur. Scotland are way better than this and deserve better than him
  12. Not my area of expertise, however, i understand the football work permits in Scotland and England are different so he would not automatically qualify for an English one but would, as you say, have to go through the appeals panel. Hopefully he will stay another year to make his move to the EPL easier and for bigger money
  13. Nope. Poorly phrased on my part... it may encourage him to stay for another season to get more international caps... win for us, win for him
  14. The other concern is that he does not currently meet the requirements for a work permit in England. May be ways around it but top clubs in the EPL may not want the hassle.
  15. Killie have nothing left to play for so we'll beat them on Saturday. We will also beat Aberdeen, McInnes chokes against us home or away. Hibs ? who knows, could be a no pressure on play well and win all the way through to being over-run as they aim to finish second.
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