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  1. The guy is class. Yes he's had criticism, but when it's been given....it's been merited. Some of his displays have been well below par. On the whole though....he's been brilliant. Sometimes he's unplayable! 

  2. Brilliant post mate.

    Also worth considering that, at the end of last season, it looked like Gerrard might have walked at one point.....maybe even 1 game away from being sacked, such was our poor form.

    I'm equating our turnaround in fortunes to that of a tennis player facing match point at 5-0, 2 sets down, yet coming back to win. It's been that seismic! 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Drunk and disorderly. said:

    It will be well worth your while to watch the highlights mate.

    Could have beat them by more. Alfredo missed a sitter and their keeper made some food saves. 

    Killed their 10 in a row dream months ago. Today they were schooled and know they need tens of millions of pounds,an excellent manager and 3 seasons or more to catch up.


    Don't worry pal, am on it! Someone posted an extended highlights clip a page or two back. Am also gonna see if I can find the whole game online too! :thumbsup:

  4. Like fuck this game means fuck all. Dead rubber. Get tae fuck. I want our unbeaten run to continue. I want us to rub their noses in it yet AGAIN this season. A whole season against them, unbeaten......that's a fuckin great boast. I want Brown and Griffiths leaving Ibrox in tatters tomorrow. Hope some cunt takes the red and breaks Browns leg. Fuckin wankers. 

    Come on Rangers, one more time......intae these tarrier cunts!!!!

    :UK: :UK: :UK: 

  5. 39 minutes ago, WilliamMunny said:

    If we sell a couple players for big money then I don't see any reason why we can't buy this guy for the money mentioned. If he is as good as what people are saying then there is a good chance we will make our money back and then some in the future. This is the type of player we should be targeting. Good potential that will improve us but also make us money in a couple year.

    Is it not still the case that we 'need' £20m next season to settle the books? That would obviously eat away at any funds we have to spend. I'm probably way off though! 

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