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  1. Let's just go out and destroy them, no fucking about, first to every ball and make it a win
  2. fuck me the lottery is going on tonight, windass actually scored
  3. We need the board to go aswell, it's their appointment, that's 2 out of 2 that's failed, they are turning this club in one like dundee hibs with the turn around of managers. Questions need asked about the recruitment process and what they plan to do to change it.
  4. Fucking shambles. Would hope someone goes and snaps bowman and moult in 2 and take the red cards
  5. Well that's us fucking out then . Too many missed Chances so far today
  6. Think it might he time we start calling into question the quality of the refs now. And question what is being done about it.
  7. Close brilliant play, thought maybe windass should have passed it to John sooner rather than candias
  8. Aww poor we mould getting the same treatment as morelos and he came.off worst. Someone get a tissue for the wee poofy cunt. Brilliant from jack and alnwik
  9. Hopefully get a goal shortly settle the nerves, must say Wallace's final ball is pish
  10. What's the payment details for this. And is there any other way without paypal
  11. Yeah it is sorry. So much fund topics it gets confusing. Will get a donation for this fund done next Friday when I get paid again
  12. Can you send me the account number and sort code in a pm as my internet banking has lost the all account details
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