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  1. 4th official and matchday organiser would have been knocking on door with 2mins to go if gerrard or whoever ignores them then its a fair shout they will fine the club 15 mins starts when ref blows for half time not when teams get to dressing room.still dont agree with it but thems the rules.
  2. for me its pointless even talking about another manager until the board sort out exactly what they are going to do to improve things for anyone who comes in or even for mw. I don't see that happening in the near future.while they leave a manager in limbo we will get nowhere
  3. ffs that's dear its only £26 an hour where I am with or without lights
  4. got the nickname yashin as I was a keeper aye I know its an age thing
  5. we do have the advantage law for years now and yes the assistant can apply it if in a better position than the ref to see it.the ref instructs his lino before the game and tells them what he wants them to flag for ie he may say give me first call on pens if I don't give it then you can or he may say if I don't you don't down to the refs instructions pre match so yes the lino can call advantage easier for them now that they are wired up as supporters cant see what is ref and what is lino call most times.
  6. how many times do we see that from attackers and defenders every corner every free kick into the box and they let it go as a rule as if they applied the letter of the law as you seem to say then how many pens would be awarded in a game. I do agree it was a push but we cant have it both ways. would you like to see 5/6 pens against us for a few weeks till players learned its not getting them anywhere. somehow I cant see supporters ever being happy with that side of the game some weeks it works for some weeks against you.
  7. his after match stuff could be pre recorded its the same regardless. he is not getting the players working hard enough on the pitch but says they work and train hard if that's the case something needs to change. I know we don't have the squad we all want but there is enough to do better if they get of their arses on the pitch and show willing. we need king to invest as heavily as he has promised to get the quality we want so as we can start to compete. this squad was put together to see us through the transition but money needs to be available. in mw defence he has got us playing pretty footba
  8. Am 60 best I have seen live for me would be Baxter Cooper Jardine baxter and cooper magicians with the ball at their feet and sandy was just inspirational in everything he did for the team and club
  9. rubbed salt into a lot of clubs and peppered the net a few times
  10. and you prayed for rain or boiling hot sun up to there knees in hampdens mud soaked for the only shower they ever had or covered in the dust. either way we were tucked up dry and free of the above indignities. god knew who needed a wash
  11. hope its the club showing a bit of a thanks to them for the decent remarks from the chairman. giving them the tour and a pre match meal least the club could do for a thanks to them.
  12. for whatever reason there has been a problem. its not unusual in the workplace for someone to be sent home till things settle down then brought in to discuss it . so whats the difference here apart from the fact its a footballer (allegedly) and someone informed the press. how many here have said before if so and so done that in the factory he would be up the road or suspended to me this is no different. not worth the 4 page thread its created should not have even made the forum
  13. Home club should have the choice of silence or applause cant see us agreeing to applause and any taig that interrupts should be slung out by the so called police and security staff but that would mean they ha e to grow a pair
  14. think the point he is making is we don't stand we sit and take it without really fighting back
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