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  1. Terrible news. Captain of the club early 80’s when I was took to games. Gutted tonight, as when I was a lad, Ally Dawson and Davie Cooper were my heroes from that era. Very sad news.
  2. Dug deep. outstanding kicking from Dan biggar. couple of close calls tmo, but what a win. nuclear sized test next weekend. 😮
  3. Well, it’s a new day, I wonder where the tarriers scatter gun approach to signing players will fall today. the Asian market? The Scandinavian market? The Israeli market? The oirish market? the sheff wed under 20’s market? it’s like a modern version of come on down.
  4. Rent a gub horner all over the airwaves as usual. He hogs the microphone as much as natzi nikla.
  5. Doubt it. over 38 games they will, and should be at least second. Remember the cup ties. We are entitled to nothing till it’s done. expect the same with this mob. they will get better against the dross in this league. It’s up to us to make sure they are far enough away when they do.
  6. Must be the same cunts who were watching Karl Svensson back in the day..
  7. Hate to see Italy in front. Great side, but the game only goes one way now.
  8. To be honest, it takes time to master that, but anything will be better for them than what was on show last season. although, you need personnel capable of that type of game.
  9. An absolute stick on they’d be sniffing about him. They really can’t afford to fuck up any transfers this year. look for trusted lower league English based players or your players from hivs, Aberdeen hertz etc.
  10. That Alex Scott in the studio is some bit of gear.
  11. Phenomenal achievement. that last singles match in the AO in 2019 where he looked done, to where he is now is brilliant. if anybody hasn’t seen resurfacing, watch it. it’s incredible what this man will do to step on a tennis court one more time.
  12. See that clugger Alan power is back in the premier league with st mirren. no mark hatchet man. Very typical type of player that some teams in this league we play in love. no doubt prowling about the midfield in our league smashing players, him and that stinking broony tarrier wannabe that used to play for accies a couple of years ago. Both are cut from the same cloth, and hammer throwers like them should never be allowed in our league.
  13. Tracking midfielder gonna get crucified by the panel! 😂
  14. 2 pish pitches away from our league if Dundee manage to hold out. Hertz and Dundee are bigger than Hamilton and killie, plus 2 Local derbies back. fuck killie.
  15. He always was and is we all dislike him, but I think we can all agree he is a very good at his job as a coach/manager. he was employed by these cunts, and played their tune. like the rest before them. im glad he’s not there as he and always was too good for them. i also don’t buy into he left because we were getting better. he left cause they peaked and he got a better job offer. doesnt seemed scared from city, Utd, Liverpool Chelsea, spurs, arsenal etc.
  16. A wee visit behind enemy lines last night.. scrolling through reading the glorious muck there flinging during last week’s gubbing by the champions, came across this little belter. surely not the same guy on here, must be a coincidence right?
  17. Think the tarrier fans may be wanting a new manager. seems they’re not all Neil Lennon now... 😂
  18. No wonder the tarriers are bealing. Rodgers is proving at Leicester what a really good coach he is, they were very, very lucky to get him, he dragged them up, he left at the first decent job, ( I never thought arsenal were on the table) and they were left with Lennon. back to delia level of professionalism. Tbf to delia, chips and ketchup were banned from the menu ..
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