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  1. Don't buy this sudden panic shite , this ain't no sudden panic after a couple of poor results . This goes way back , apart from alloa last week we've been struggling in every game recently . QOTS , Falkirk , st mirran , hibs and now Livingston , not to mention the petro cup game against Livingston
  2. Jesus , what's it next home game an anti trident march . Food banks are abused by the majority ( not everyone ) so I'll not be feeding some junkie with my hard earned cash .
  3. Yes , pissed me off to when I heard it . What a load of pish !!
  4. Support the scottish national ( ist ) team NO THANKS
  5. I'm not surprised he praised him . All these balloons look after their buddy's in the football circle , pathetic yes , but they all do it . Any one that knows the game even a little would know mccoist was an imbecile !!!
  6. If you can't call it like it is don't comment Walter . Trying to defend the indefensible is embarrassing.
  7. Yes that's right ! Pull on the jersey,play shite , don't give a hundred percent and collect a kings ransom for doing so . He deserves Respect , don't talk pish.
  8. It was slightly better , I got 10/11 with sky bet on Saturday .
  9. Was his European embarrassments "which cost us millions" in his first season also approved by an executive ? Pull you head out your arse !!
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