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  1. More like you with your paranoid theories
  2. I do like the orange strip but the mHedia will just use this to beat and kick us
  3. SFA fail in attempt to increase ban GIRUY
  4. Did Alex not win us the treble in 03...doesn't that mean anything? He is also a more mature manager now
  5. I have no doubt we will finish 2nd now and probably play Hibs....
  6. Aye because emptying yerself in a fanny is gonna make everything alright with our club....what planet you on? This has significance
  7. 2 words.....Helicopter Sunday
  8. Would take the big man in a heartbeat
  9. Leaving the Belgian side at end of season, would you take him back and Alex Rae?
  10. Don't know why u create a thread about this guy, don't discuss him don't give him attention
  11. Agree coming into form at the right time, Hibs result today almost as good as the 4-1
  12. Agree but can't see Ashley doing us a turn now
  13. Glad for the lad, not had it easy
  14. Should get Dalziel to take over, great insight of the game
  15. @STVRaman: Celtic 'We are very surprised & disappointed that this has even found its way to an SFA judicial panel.John will be defending this charge'
  16. See a lot if people here not learned any lessons
  17. Glad to see McCall starting to implement his managerial skills on squad
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