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  1. I hope when deal is done we never have to deal with those Lloyds cunts again
  2. Well I know one thing that wont get a mention and it's that tosser hoopers of the ball incident that got swiftly swept under the carpet
  3. Loch Lomand golf club was bought today there net debt was £132 million they owed Lloyds £78.5 million and it was bought for £35 million so why are they playing hard ball with us
  4. Do not wish for one of our players to be sold to any c---- because we won't see a penny coming back to the club for us to buy a player and that includes Charlie adams sell on we will not get a penny of loyds bank it will just vanish like the rest of our money we have to ask what the fucks going on
  5. Burley is a tosser when jelavic got booked he was ranting and raving about players getting sent of in England for the same thing and then he has to name the linesman as if to say to the manky mob that's another one for the file
  6. There is now way you would rob a fellow bear give him the ticket the same price you paid for it get a life
  7. We want the cash we got screwed with boyd so thanks and it's goodbye for him
  8. Kenny thanks itwas good while it lasted but we have been screwed like this before so close the door on the way out
  9. Why should we care he is a tim who has already said celic are the team he supports why the fuck would we want Anthony watt
  10. if we earned that amount of money in the champions league where does that money go to and why is whyte paying 30 odd million
  11. What happens to Celtics other team for europe as lennon says we have one team for europe and one for the league
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