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  1. Kamara and aribo were shite there is no fight in the team and no support from midfield for Morelos end off
  2. Thank fuck I don’t stay there now nasty bastards
  3. You only hope the cunt was thick as fuck and never thought of that
  4. I stay in Spain you cannot walk about the streets without a mask and that includes going into a bar once you get served at the bar you can take your mask off Its not rocket science follow the rules no mask outside €100 fine
  5. Well well amazing all these years and after all this shite they bastards get handed the league and we get admonished for made up shite from the mad jap this is a fuckin joke
  6. Fly with the craws shot with the craws
  7. He is not a captain he never speaks and more
  8. What a load of pish we need a stronger midfield and more players to chip in with goals We are struggling here
  9. A very sad day for the Rangers family a true warrior to the end.
  10. Sorry mate had a wee swally and got the angry heed on
  11. Why can Kilmarnock sing the the Killie boys and Hearts the same but we are being told we can’t change the words as it is racist give it a fuckin rest Fare is a catholic organisation that is only working for one club in Scotland
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