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  1. Motherwell fans can go and feck themselves what a twisted country this is
  2. Jane Hamilton a bigot employed by a bigot of a newspaper this person has to be sacked and reported to snp police Scotland for the use of the H** word but we all know that is not going to happen not in this shit hole of a country.
  3. This country is fucked when you get a leader of this country praising a support that just attacked players from a team that is of union faith only in this narrow minded country I never thought I would ever say it but I hate my country and that is why I'm getting to fuck out of here
  4. Get this bastard jailed or in this land we live in congratulate hibs like our snp leader did tonight what a shit hole of a country we live in God help us
  5. Let's see if our media run with this story if this were us they would be calling for us to be banned from the game
  6. A fuckin donkey never a full back
  7. Fly with craws you get shot with the craws
  8. What a little shit hole we stay in ban the bbc for life finished
  9. Never a defender ok going forward which wasn't today but he never back tracked today to help out the defence looked lazy l hope it's a one off
  10. The ref had lost the plot in that game that four arm smash was a straight red
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