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  1. Couple of tickets left on the website for those looking. I'm saying 4-2 Gers, we'll fly out and be 2-0 up by Half-time.
  2. I'm up there, decent view if you are towards the front. Do you know what row you are in? Only problem is that the leg-room is lacking.. This is very true, I'm 6ft and it's often uncomfortable throughout the season.
  3. In my house, I was only 10 so didn't realise the significance of the game and thought it was just "another final".
  4. From watching him from a few games, I can see his passion, he is always committed to everything he does, he's willing to fight for the team, something which many players don't have. Technically, I've seen very little of him, whether that be a lack of service or not playing on the shoulder of the last man. I think it's too early to judge a player, but I noticed that he wasn't fluently interchanging with the front 3 today as you highlighted. In short, he's not even played a handful of games, give him time.
  5. Foderingham - 7 Tavernier - 7 - sent plenty dangerous crosses into the box during first half, but no one there to capitalise. Kiernan - 6 - some good points, some bad. Made a great block to deny Motherwell a goal but was flagged offside. Wilson - 6 - Nothing special. Wallace - 5 Rossiter - 6.5 Barton - 6 Halliday - 6 McKay - 5.5 Miller - 6 Forrester - 6 - Better utilised in a central role. Krancjar - 7 - changed the game, brought creativity to the midfield Dodoo - 6 - some nice touches MOH - 5
  6. I would like to see McKay MOH and Forrester to try a front 3. Like you said, Windass and Dodoo could be very influential, but I haven't seen enough of either to make a judgement, but it would be good to see them.
  7. 7/2 is quite good, but the odds were considerably higher post-SC Semi, can anyone remember what they were? We're 4/9 (most are 2/5) to win on opening day as well.
  8. Bear29


    The Club Deck is actually quite a good view, but is expensive towards the centre. If you are in any row which is single lettered, you should be able to see the while stadium (at least from what I remember). I sit in CD7 and the view is good, so I imagine in CD4 will be great!
  9. The section is back on the website for me
  10. Ah, I've been to most games this season anyway, just bought match-by-match. Sometimes that's the way thing work, those who paid all upfront deserve first shout so I can't complain. Thanks for clearing that up @Callum_rfc
  11. I have a (half) season ticket but they can't link to my email address for some reason so I have no way of getting the emails? The original account wasn't set up by me, so I don't have access to this. Just tried phoning them and just a beeping noise, no answer (0871 number), any solutions?
  12. You need to print off the order confirmation (e-mail) and show that on the way in, they'll take the second sheet of it from you.
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