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  1. Oh no I didn’t realise you had the bastard illness ☹️ I hope you’re ok and back to normal soon. Take it easy.
  2. I know I was getting mixed up! They are all the same corrupt bastards!!
  3. I know this could be bullshit but I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised. I always said if they couldn’t get fans in then they would have at least half their first team squad with positive COVID results to get it postponed. Now a precedent has been set that teams have to play regardless of whether they have no players then this will be the next best option.
  4. We need to take our chances and not allow them back into this game
  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thoughts are with you and your family
  6. I’m so sorry to hear all the trauma you and your family have gone through. Cancer is a bastard. I know it’s hard, especially because your dad has gone downhill as fast as he has, but please try and enjoy whatever time you have left with him. My heart is truly broken for you.
  7. They must have thought he had signed for Rangers already if they had him booked before he even went on the pitch 😂
  8. Or winning a one horse race for 4 years while they actively tried to kill us and ensured we were weakened beyond recognition.
  9. That’s because he knows what’s at stake this season 😡
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