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  1. A couple of folk were made to take them down by the jobs worth steward at our bit
  2. Nobody around me seemed to boo either but as you say there was a few seconds silence but then everyone in BR started clapping as loud as they could. From where we were sitting the booing mostly seemed to be coming from SJ 🥺
  3. I don’t see why not to be honest
  4. I’m glad they have told me to get there an hour before kick off for the RM game. It will take me that long to climb the stairs to club deck! FFS the last time I was up there I was thinner and fitter and it nearly killed me then 🤣🤣 Fk knows how I am going to manage now having piled on the lbs during lockdown and having to wear a mask while doing it! 😂
  5. Same. The weird thing is on Saturday they want me in at the exact same time at the exact same turnstile as the Sunday even though on Saturday I’m in BR4 and on Sunday I’m in CD1!
  6. Got some Real Madrid tickets as well! Club deck right enough so might need some oxygen by the time I get the top! Cannot wait 😊😊
  7. Aye but Greg the point is people who didn’t tick the friendly box are getting the tickets for the more prestigious game. Farcical
  8. I think he’s ignoring them on FF as well! I’ve been looking in. It’s a complete joke. I have emailed the club the same as many I’m sure. I’m the same as you Brighton is ok for me but the wean would have been beside himself to see Real Madrid!
  9. Ignoring everyone who has asked him for advice like he always does
  10. There’s a thread on follow follow about the Real Madrid tickets and very few of them ticked the friendly box! It’s a joke
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