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  1. Tin hat on but I would agree with that. Their goalkeeper fucked his save by pushing the ball right into the middle of the box therefore giving our players scope to score. Not saying it is not a good goal but their goalie did fuck it
  2. I feel we have an Nesbit already in Itten. He wouldn’t start for us
  3. That’s all we need. Paterson is due to get banned and Balogun injured. Hopefully Tav back by next week
  4. I genuinely didn’t know this was thing.
  5. It was a nightmare to be honest. I had to sign into the Rangers.co.uk then it took me to a different page. On the right hand side there is a wee drop down menu and underneath My Account there is another sign in link where I is to use my old sign in details and then after that click on the drop down again and do t click on my account you click on your name (under my account I’m sure) and that’s where you get your points details
  6. I can’t remember the amount of points I originally had but I checked today and both me and my husband have 1311 but my grandson only has 1255. How can that be when he came to exactly the same amount of games as us (obviously none this season but he has been watching the games using his ST log in) Very weird because I’m sure we all had the same points when we first joined
  7. I thought I would have a wee look and see if I’m still a silver member but I can’t find anything on my Rangers account. Is anyone else able to access their ticket history etc?
  8. I was raging about the auto renewal because I was hoping for another voucher ............ seriously i was t going to renew myGers but my grandson saves badges and stuff so I am going to renew just to get the 150th anniversary stuff in the pack
  9. Oh FFS these people are really starting to piss me off! Anyone with eyes could see it was certainly not deliberate. They should start working on their racism problems and Fck off with their lies about everything Rangers
  10. Well he scored against the biggest diddy team of them all today!! 😂😂 Love the wee man ❤️🤍💙
  11. Oh is she? I didn’t know that. I hadn’t noticed her before but by fuck I noticed it today
  12. I didn’t think that woman interviewer was a tarrier. I do now
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