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  1. At the time it looked like he had no intent but looking at the picture above I would say he had 100% intent. You can see him looking down to make sure he clips Alfredos heel. It was still a red accidental or not because he wasn’t going for the ball.
  2. I did thanks! Rangers stress me out more than my weans do! 😂
  3. Well Alfie did after the DU incident so I don’t see why not. He’s not a protected scum player so he might. I genuinely hope he does. If Barisic hadnt moved slightly that could have been even worse than it was.
  4. Unlike his teammate who was very very fortunate to still be on the park.
  5. Canny take him seriously .
  6. At the risk of being stupid what is the JRG?
  7. They want him sacked anyway!
  8. Thank you. I feel like I’ve aged another year during that game!! 😂😂
  9. @delparlane I bet you wish the game had been yesterday!!
  10. I genuinely can’t take this. My stomach is in knots
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