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  1. Every game I hope is the one when we turn it around and I am mostly left disappointed. It will happen but Fck knows when
  2. Not happy at Hagi coming off. I would have taken Davis off in the first half 😂
  3. Just said that exact thing. We are just pushing and pulling them out the way. We are disgraceful, more than usual, today.
  4. It’s not just about scoring goals though. In most games Morelos does so much off the ball work it’s missed when he’s not playing. He drags defenders all over the place allowing Roofe and others to score.
  5. Applied for them all so far except Dundee and haven’t got any 🥺
  6. I sincerely hope you’re right and not just because the club in question is celtic.
  7. Unfortunately I think the same. They should be punished because they have continually dragged this out by claiming the separate entity line but Fck all will be done. Not one thought has been given to the survivors.
  8. Surely this has to be a pisstake? FFS
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