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  1. The thing that got me in the article was that apparently in 1986 Celtic did an internal investigation and surprise surprise that was never published either. It’s quite telling that the survivors and their solicitors don’t believe such an investigation actually place. Also it’s quite weird that one the convicted paedophiles cannot he named for legal reasons. WTF? He’s a fkn pervert and should be named and shamed along with the rest. Disgusting club from the boardroom to the fans. Imagine sticking up for a lowlife like Torbett and abusing his victims 😡
  2. Its a bastard illness and it took me a long time to get over it. Not so much the fever and cough, which were probably gone in about a fortnight, but the fatigue was the killer. Take it easy and take as much time as you can to recover. Hope you and your family start to feel better soon
  3. I was actually kidding but I wouldn’t have been so flippant if we had lost. I was raging when I saw Barker was playing.
  4. IMO using Barker was a master stroke. We didn’t expect it and you can bet your house neither did they. They would have expected Hagi! Anyway we won so why the negativity?
  5. Loved the snide comment about £3.5m for that player. Walker mentioned it about 100 times 😂😂
  6. Nerves have well and truly kicked in now. Shaking like a leaf! Cmon the Queens 11 NO SURRENDER 🔴⚪️🔵 0-2 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  7. The irony is if they hadn’t fixed it so that it was played in October they would have had a full strength squad when it was supposed to be played in September!
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