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  1. Imagine anyone doing a speech from the ot. Rfc52 what a chap. We especially have a great time laughing at .....
  2. Needs to keep away from prop. Knives and also rooms that you can't escape from ?
  3. Instead of dance floor make it a ring and me n @FSM and @Dan Deacon can have a wee spar ?
  4. ? Never had a nandos. I was like yourself not liking them but they're the comfiest trainers I've ever worn
  5. These are getting delivered today for the wee man
  6. You won't use kodi once you have showbox
  7. Can always tell when you've been drinking on here
  8. Na they're fucking honking Huraches are beautiful Although I didn't like them at first and thought same as you. Then I tries my mates on and wanted a pair instantly. I've got quite a few pairs of trainers now and shoes. All the other trainers are adidas.
  9. Doesn't bother me just cause they make their tops. Although in saying that this is the first pair of Nike I've bought in about 15 years ?
  10. I always wear Adidas and always wear gazelles. Dragons or Hamburg but they're too flat. These are like wearing slippers mate. So comfy
  11. They're tremendous. Not in style ? What do you wear?
  12. Delicious huraches. Comfort for journey to Luxembourg
  13. Aye mate Download them and sometimes they're there as apps or in video or program add ons on kodi. Link a ps or Xbox controller to the box using Bluetooth in settings and you can play them
  14. Clear data and cache. Add ares wizard Download the raze build and most add ons work for you there. Shouldn't take more than five mins. Also Google showbox apk
  15. My sister had that when we were in lanzarote. Mum told her to put cream on when she was in the pool cause there's a bigger risk if in water and she wouldn't listen Daft bitch was bed bound for rest of the holiday ?
  16. Oh hahaha what he wee wank. How the fuck did he get into Australia? There rules are mental. A place I'd love to visit and I never Will be able too ?
  17. I think you've tries to post about Killen but you've posted the wrong link mate
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