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  1. Howe couldn't cope moving to Burnley, how the fuck would he think he could cope with Glasgow
  2. I think today shows how much investment that they need and they don't have the finance for it, Ajer, Christie, eduard, ntchan all have 18 months left, the buyer has the advantage when the contract gets to this point. If we can get into the champions league we have the chance to do to them what they should have done to us and put a proper gap between us and go on a proper run of titles
  3. The Fulham would win the league up here is just a pointless argument as its clearly just said for to cause a discussion to get ppl to phone in. The Fulham team just now wouldn't be far away from winning the league but a Fulham team playing in Scotland wouldn't have the budget they do and therefore wouldn't be the same team and they would struggle. The same argument when they discuss us going to the PL and where would we would finish, it seems to he based on the team just now but give us the budget they have and we would be top half easy.
  4. They buried sexual abuse cases for long enough sacking him while isolating is nothing
  5. Rumours starting on twitter lennons been sacked
  6. Do players not get booked for diving anymore, Mcgregor the wee knob
  7. Could this be a bit of a ploy as well by Jack Ross, his teams been shite the last few weeks, pissed off cos the game was moved, made what can be seen as a reasonable request for more testing and now before the game he will be at the players saying everything is against them to try and get a reaction knowing that they will still need to play well.to get a result
  8. They won't know anything and that's why it's been pulled based on the rumours.
  9. I managed to get it on after you posted this before it was pulled, hadn't thought of that double, some form Livi are on
  10. Hamilton played a game with 10 players out with covid so they need to play their ge tomorrow
  11. Games been pulled from bet365
  12. Just been announced by the government
  13. If its Jullien, the fanny couldn't even wear his mask right in the airport on the way home
  14. I don't think that they can rearrange them did they not tell st mirren they had to play and they didn't have a goal keeper and had to loan in the guy from hearts
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