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  1. He was sent back to us last week as he either picked up an injury or got there with an injury
  2. France is only 7 days but I don't know if he would be able to travel. If he returned after 7 he would need to do the remaining 3 days in isolation here as it is 10 days for a positive case, I think he could go back to training on the Friday
  3. This would be the perfect draw, we don't need the big teams as we won't get to the games. Should get through that group no problem make money from a few wins and try get top spot in the group
  4. Oooft if some players don't want to be hear then they should go and he'll work with players that do want to be there - thrown them under a bus
  5. See if we can take ull points in the next 3 games and the both clubs take the same amount of points up till end of November, they would then need to potentially miss another 2 games for the semi/final of last year's Scottish Cup. This could end up massive for us
  6. Time to start building a points gap in the league, they miss 2 games we need to be 8 points potentially 11 points ahead by the next time they play
  7. Wasn't exciting to watch but give me another 36 of them and I won't care
  8. Looked comfortable at the back. Nice bit of pace when covering Goldson. Also looks like we could go 3 at the back with him on the middle and Helander on the left. Likes a bomb forward as well
  9. He was careful with his wording, deal agreed but not signed
  10. Was expecting these to be out by now, quick look on the Spfl twitter and it looks like they have taken all mention of fixtures down, wonder if it has anything to do with the court case
  11. Nice to see all the good posts about Jim, he is now home and recovering well
  12. 100%, he has to be a number 10. I would like to see us play 3-5-2 or 4-5-1. Whatever formation he has to be I. The middle of the park, he is the 1 player who can create for us out of nothing
  13. I do doubt we would ever get Clyne but could push Tav one forward and play Clyne at rb
  14. If you can get Clyne fit he is never back up to Tav. Only chance we would only have of signing him would be us paying massive wages and guaranteed starter
  15. Nice to see that someones earning their keep at Ibrox by managing to reduce the already agreed transfer fee
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