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  1. Prices are on the expensive side but at the same time papped out the champions league and retained our important players then can't really argue with the board trying to bring in some extra money
  2. He's away to Russia with Croatia. I would be surprised if there are many last minute transfers with the fact the players travelling to different countries need to be tested and stay in their bubbles. Clarke has said Scotland can't call anyone else up for the game in Wednesday because all the players have went through the testing
  3. Posted he was at Marseille last night, which surprised after what happened last season
  4. No CL money this year, they are speading the edouard money before they get rid of him and managed to buy 3 donkeys in. 12 million for a winger with no final pass, the Japanese guy looked lost and a defender that can't defend. I can't see how they are going to be able to fund many other big signing. If they lose McGregor for a period of and then they will struggle to get 2nd
  5. Big Ange is a laugh - asking me the same questions so I'm giving you the same answers
  6. What the fuck was Bain up to
  7. He claimed they would struggle to get anyone else in for the weekend, they are fucked and will get put of the EL next week as well
  8. Blowing out of their arses now, this will be the same players that start on Saturday. Hopefully a few injuries now
  9. Fuck sake can't even take the right striker off Dykes is fucked
  10. What's the deal with them and the city group. Previously getting loans they normally wouldn't have, linked with that Fergal guy for DoF and now the Aussie manager coming from another one of their clubs
  11. Could it be 9 in a row and 55 both won at Tannadice 😂😂🍾
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