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  1. The scum wiill be gutted we didn't make the final.
  2. Scum will be gutted we didn't make the final
  3. Blessing in disguise. Scum are gutted we didn't make the final.
  4. He would bite your hand off for a shot at Gers manager,
  5. If he losses next weeks semi there's no way back.
  6. The taigs go mental when you mention the pools thing cause they know its true.
  7. Ageee. The concern for me is if this is the performances in August / September. What can we expect in the middle of winter.
  8. I agree this is right out of order but they look like pics from a sheep game not us. Not that it makes a massive difference.
  9. They didn't bully us mate, they outplayed us.
  10. Pedro should knock back this kind of questioning going forward and go back to the traditional one on one format.
  11. Thought McCoist did try to step in and change the subject. Unfortunately Pedro was by then on the defensive and didn't accept a decent point that away games are a bit easier with teams opening up more.
  12. How did I get to that total. Didn't think I'd even posted 100 times mate ?
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