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  1. They don't do anything to me. Take tramadol and the same. Was on gabas but I couldn't even watch the wee man I was spaced out on the couch with them. Wish I could get something that helps pain but I can still function
  2. That's my son's favourite character so I'll be watching that. I like all the dc and marvel films myself
  3. I googled it mate A guy edited all the episodes and made it into a movie. So if you've seen bb you've seen the movie. Transformers seems to need to be watched in all its glory so going to wait and go to the cinema on Wednesday to see it
  4. See it now on maverick it's hd ts. Gonna give it a try if it's decent quality. I see there's a breaking bad movie. Never heard bout that
  5. I couldn't describe it properly. That's it down to a t
  6. Watched king arthur. Expected it to be a lot worse. Wasn't that bad imo
  7. No mate. He's 11 and it doesn't matter if it's good or not it means a lot to me.
  8. My mate has smoked it since he was 13 everyday. (32 now) been off it two weeks and chuffed to bits lol
  9. Haha I'm the same mate but I've always seen them like that mob.
  10. My mum grew up in maidenhead. Must be shite. She decided to stay in cumbernauld ?
  11. £700 I'd rather sleep in a shed than pay that. Mighty gers got a view of a casino for free ffs
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