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  1. Where is the 30m juventus left back and the 50m Fulham centre back?
  2. Italia 90, nessun dorma and Toto schillachi. Some memories
  3. And all with the same timezone so staging games for max exposure is simple
  4. Definitely. Rangers man? Couldn't lay a glove. Bye bye andy, despite you being shite your indiscipline was a disgrace. Would sack every player involved
  5. Ok virtuoso. Please enlighten. Who's your suggestion/pick?
  6. Should be sacked amongst the other gutless wonders. Dorrans and Murphy? Epl? Disgrace. Darkest hour for Rangers now. We need souness or smith asap. They are shite and still get to rub our nose in it. Gutteda
  7. Needs to be Smith or souness. I know it's a long time out the game etc, etc. BUT what the fuck else can this club do? We need fear down g51 not cuddles and 'we will learn for next time'. Fuck the pope and I hope rod Stewart takes a stroke in the next five minutes
  8. Jobby. Five minutes before kick off. Will not need it tomorrow for i was walking down the copeland road. 3-0 scudding easy
  9. Preacher man. predicted eradication of the savellites in the year 2018
  10. Billy Graham. Can't post image because IT retard
  11. Condolences DrFunke. Take comfort in the time you had and the legacy she left. Easy to say just now but it will get better in time. Lost mine to same thing in 2016. Horrible disease
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