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"We were clearly watching different matches"


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And you know what, that's spot on.

This phrase is often used to denigrate the views of others - it implies the other person is talking crap and you're right, and in fact he's so wrong you 'wonder what game he was watching'.

But it's actually a very accurate phrase.


The above post from docspiderman highlights this concept. He saw Whittaker, in the past 2 games, as having something akin to a shocker. I and others saw the player having good games.

We both can't be right, but we were watching the same events.

So what happens? Subjectivity.

When one person sees a foul, another sees a fair challenge. When one sees a promising run, another sees an idealess ramble forward with no end product.

We literally ARE all watching different matches, because we all see the same event from our own points of view and caked by our own subjective bias and values.

Just thought I'd rant :)

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Whittaker hasn't done much since his slow stroll in the UEFA Cup run to put us up 2-0.

Ha ha! It was the slowest bit of dribbling ever. I remember Andy Townsend saying that he thought he'd be a bit of a mover on the dance floor, I thought he looked more like coma patient being stabbed with a cattle prod.

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Danny you doo have a very pertinent point, was all want our team to win but we have very different views on how that should be achieved. I believe Whittaker ain;t been given a fair crack of the whip at right back, I believe we should play to the strengths of our best players in each position, eg play a winger on the left not lafferty or McCoolloch nor Fleck, play Boyd and Lafferty ( goalscorer + worker that can score) up front (miller does not score enough and Novo is an impact player coming off the bench, play Davis and Mendes through the centre when playing 4-4-2. others I know want Boyd nowhere near the team and are quite happy for Fergie to be playing, it is all about opinions, all we can agree on is that we want Rangers to win, preferably with a bit of style as well.

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